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12 hours ago
Niocorp's $1 billion Nebraska scandium-niobium-titanium project would reduce US dependence on Russia and China for superalloys used in defence industry. The post Shares of Colorado mining junior rocket on US critical minerals list appeared first on

13 hours ago
Court agrees to consider overturning a ban on mining at the site of the nation’s largest known uranium deposit. The post Virginia uranium mining dispute draws US Supreme Court review appeared first on

1 day ago
Southern Copper’s Manager of Technical Services said that the company has been able to knock down previous resistance from local communities. The post Tía María copper project gaining legitimacy in Peru: exec appeared first on

3 days ago
The new era of big batteries has already drawn scrutiny after fiery electric-car crashes across America and Europe. The post The big battery boom hits another roadblock: fire-fearing cities appeared first on

3 days ago
Uranium and key rechargeable battery metals lithium and cobalt are on a final list of 35 critical minerals that the US deems essential to national security. The post US confirms list of 35 key minerals, targets domestic supply boost appeared first on

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