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16 hours ago
In the grand scheme of things, even the 2,500 coal-mining jobs added since Trump took office in January 2017 really don’t amount to much. The post President Trump’s coal comeback keeps falling short appeared first on

18 hours ago
"CCS is a get-out-of-jail card and a great business opportunity,” - Michael Liebreich, founder of Bloomberg NEF research group. The post Big coal wants consumers to pay for fixing its pollution problem appeared first on

4 days ago
As soon as 2019 kicks off, the Canadian miner wants to start mapping and sampling the Gold Chain project. The post Aura Resources optimistic about Arizona gold project appeared first on

5 days ago
The administration would end subsidies for electric cars. Under the existing program, buyers of electric vehicles get a federal tax credit. The post Trump shifts to reverse by going after electric cars: Noah Smith appeared first on

5 days ago
Gold-backed ETFs registered inflows in all the world's major regions in November, as volatile stock markets fueled flight-to-safety buying. The post Gold-backed ETFs up on stock volatility in November appeared first on

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