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Diccionario Técnico de Mineros y Petroleros

Dictionary of Mining, Minerals and Related Terms
Mine more than 49,000 mining-related terms
adjetivo a adjective
administración, gerencia adm administration, management
Argentina Ar Argentina
Australia Aus Australia
Bolivia Bo Bolivia
Colombia Co Colombia
coloquial col colloquial, slang
computadora, TI, internet comp computer science, IT, internet
construcción y técnica civil const construction and civil engineering
Cuba Cu Cuba
Chile Ch Chile
ecología, medio ambiente ecol ecology, environment
España Es Spain
eléctrico eléc electrical
fiscal, finanzas, contabilidad fisc fiscal, accounting, finance
geología, piedras geol geology, gemstones
mecánico, maquinaria, física mec mechanics, machinery, physics
medicina med medical
minería, mecánica de rocas min mining, rock mechanics
metalurgia, planta de concentración met metallurgy, mineral processing
México Mx Mexico
nombre, sustantivo n noun, name
Perú Pe Peru
petróleo pet petroleum
Puerto Rico PR Puerto Rico
Panamá Pn Panama
química quím chemical
Uruguay Ur Uruguay
Los Estados Unidos US USA
Inglaterra, Gran Bretaña UK United Kingdom, England
verbo v verb
Venezuela Vz Venezuela


"I know that a number of our Exploration people will find this resource invaluable." Suzanne McBeath, Canada
" You have done a great job in the compilation of translations. Thanks"
Jim Butler, Australia
"The work is extraordinary. This book is a must in any library of miners working in Latin America."
Mike Neumann, Mexico
"Hola Jack!! Ya he recibido el diccionario. Está muy bien. Muchísimas gracias." Un saludo
Alberto Durán Amores, Spain
"It’s wonderful!"
Martin van de Munt, Belgium
" Jack, thank you very much. What a useful tool!"
Tertius Greyling, Republic of South Africa
"Beautiful.  Job well done."
Brenda Morrisette, Canada
"It is anticipated that this book will soon command recognition as an engineering standard for the transcontinental mining community."
PEO/OSPE, Canada
"The book is quite useful and reading it is absolutely interesting. Thank you very much for helping us in finding the best way to find the right words."
Carlos Arias G., Chile
"The word that comes to mind to qualify the undertaking of such a task such as writing a dictionary is 'commendable,' particularly in the technical field where 'plenty of information' is a phrase that is seldom heard."
American Translators Association, USA

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