Corporate Values

Our corporate values remain unchanged regardless of strategy, Client, geographical location of work, or other dynamic factors within our business.

  • We are committed to safety and a healthy working environment driven by our belief that there should be zero injuries and through ensuring that our people work in healthy and safe conditions. This value pervades everything that we do
  • We treat our people well and give them every opportunity to succeed within our business and in life.
  • We strive to establish and maintain long term relationships with clients, suppliers, and partners.
  • We are transparent with our Clients and base project decisions on what is best for the project.
  • We are proud of our track record and the projects we carry out, driven by our commitment of delivering world class services in everything that we do.
  • We work and partner as a team (within our own group, with our Parent company and sister companies, and with our Clients, suppliers and partners).

We are not afraid to try new ideas that do not compromise safety.

Our Vision:

To fundamentally change the way mine contracting is carried out within our industry, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our Mission:

To earn the distinction of being the mining contractor of choice of both Clients and Employees; through excellence in safety, performance beyond all expectations, and building long term relationships based on a "best for project" philosophy.
A "Best for Project" approach provides a basis for project and corporate decision making. By committing to a best for project approach we put safety first, and do our utmost to meet and exceed stakeholder expectations. This approach will ultimately lead to the long term stability and sustainability of the company


Our belief in working safely and eliminating injuries must pervade everything we do. We are committed to safety because it is the right way to work.

Cementation is totally committed to carry out projects in a safe manner, and to diligently protect our employees as well as anyone else who may interact with the work or the workplace, from the risk of incidents and injuries.

We believe in pro-active safety systems, and structure our programs accordingly. The experience of our supervision and our ability to implement and follow a well developed and site specific safety program will be the key element in delivering safety to the workplace. Supervision and face miners will take an active role in developing the safety program to ensure its practicality, and secure up-front involvement and commitment of the workforce.

Experience and Capabilities

Cementation is a Mine Contracting and Engineering organization mandated to carry out underground hard rock mine development. The Global Cementation group has sunk many of the world's deep shafts. Cementation is recongnized as the most active shaft sinking contractor in North America, both in terms of volume of work as well as complexity and degree of diffuculty of the shaft projects undertaken. The company employs the latest in mine development equipment on major lateral and ramp development projects from coast to coast as well as in the Arctic.

With a full service engineering group as part of its contracting company including discipline engineers in mining, mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, and geotechnical, the company has the technical depth to tackle the complex challenges which increasingly arise on large infrastructure projects. From design build projects, to requirements for specialized ground support, to commissioning and troubleshooting major mobile and stationary plants, the depth of Cementation's technical services are above and beyond the typical mine contracting group.

Services include:

  • Shaft Sinking
  • Mine Development
  • Raising
  • Raise Boring
  • Engineering
  • Construction

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