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Dominion Diamond Corporation offers exciting and rewarding career opportunities at its Ekati Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories.

Since beginning operations in 1998, the Ekati Diamond Mine has become internationally recognized as a world-scale supplier of top quality rough diamonds.

Now operated by a subsidiary of Dominion Diamond Corporation and located 300 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, Ekati Diamond Mine provides unique operational challenges and rewarding career development opportunities. Our pristine, sub-arctic site is accessible only by air and hosts a dynamic working community of talented and hardworking individuals, many of whom wouldn’t trade the natural beauty of the region for anywhere else.

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Dominion Diamond Corporation upholds an integrated approach to corporate responsibility that encompasses all aspects of responsible business.

The Company is committed to operating in a sustainable manner and with the utmost integrity to enhance the positive economic, environmental and social impacts of its business while maximizing the resources it mines. Our commitment is guided by the principles of social responsibility, environmental stewardship and economic sustainability.

At Dominion Diamond Corporation, we believe people are our most important asset. That is why we are fully committed to the health, safety and well-being of our employees and to establishing strong, lasting and respectful relationships with the people and communities with whom we work.  This includes working collaboratively with Aboriginal and local community leaders, stakeholder groups and governments by sharing information and consulting to better understand their needs and expectations.

To meet our commitment to help protect our fragile northern environment, we maintain a high standard of environmental stewardship throughout all phases of our operations.

The Company is fully committed to ensuring our northern mines continue to be an important cornerstone of the Northwest Territories economy. To this end, we will report regularly on our progress in fulfilling our obligations to stakeholders.

As part of our overall commitment to excellence, we will set measurable goals, improve performance against those goals over time and report that performance in a transparent and timely manner.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

The Company is fully committed to maintaining and advancing the principles and practices of sustainable development, while maximizing the resources mined. This commitment includes respect for the natural and social environments, sharing economic benefits and diligently reducing adverse impacts or outcomes resulting from our work. In addition, this commitment extends to setting measurable goals, seeking to improve performance against these goals over time, and to transparency in reporting that performance. This framework also identifies important stakeholders, including: co-workers, host communities, regulators and customers. 

Responsibility at Ekati

Having acquired its controlling ownership interest in the Ekati Diamond Mine Joint Venture in 2013, the Company’s intention is to continue to build on Ekati’s strong track record by maintaining the operation’s recognized high standards in health and safety and responsible mineral resource development, minimizing environmental impacts, participating in the local communities and sharing the benefits of mineral production with our business partners, local communities and the people of the North.

The Company is equally committed to ensuring that the Ekati Diamond Mine remains a cornerstone of the Northwest Territories economy well into the future and reporting regularly on its progress in fulfilling its obligations to all stakeholders.

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