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About MMG

MMG Limited is a global resources company which explores, develops and mines base metal deposits around the world. We are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

At MMG, we mine for progress.

Progress for our people, our investors, our host governments and our diverse communities. We own and operate the Century, Golden Grove and Rosebery mines in Australia, and the Kinsevere mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In partnership with the government of Laos, we also own and operate the LXML Sepon mine.

Our major development projects include Dugald River, a high grade zinc-lead-silver deposit located in north-west Queensland, Australia, and the Izok Corridor base metals project in Nunavut, north-west Canada.

We also have significant exploration and partnerships in Australia, Africa and the Americas.

Our company is one of the world’s largest producers of zinc and we also produce significant amounts of copper, lead, gold and silver.

We are committed to achieving long-term sustainable growth and shareholder value. We seek to align with international best practice in sustainability and, as an International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) member, we benchmark our performance against the sustainability criteria of the ICMM’s Sustainable Development Framework.

Safety and Health

The safety, health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, visitors and communities is a core value. We are committed to fulfilling our safety and health obligations.  


Our vision for safety and health is to adopt a sustainable and continuous improvement approach, that leads to a zero harm, incident and fatality free business environment. 


Safety and Health is an integral part of our overall Safety, Health, Environment and Community (SHEC) Strategy that encompasses four key elements:

  • Exceptional leadership and accountability;
  • Performance improvement and compliance;
  • Effective and focused risk reduction; and
  • Excellence in systems and functional support.

Management system

We maintain a Safety and Health Management system that combines policies, standards, performance management, consultation, assurance and reporting, with a broad range of operational support processes. The system is part of the company’s overall management system.

Injury Prevention Principles

Our Injury Prevention Principles help guide thoughts, behaviours and decisions relating to health and safety among our employees, The principles are:

  • All incidents, injuries, fatalities and occupational exposures are preventable;
  • No task is so important that it cannot be done safely;
  • Management is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe work environment;
  • We are all responsible for preventing injuries to ourselves and others;
  • Everyone is empowered to stop unsafe behaviour; and
  • We will promote off-the-job safety for our people.


In consultation with our people we strive to maintain a safety and health culture that focuses on:

  • Empowering people to hold safety as a core value;
  • Having mechanisms for employees to communicate, engage, learn and develop;
  • Maintaining processes for identifying hazards and controlling risks;
  • Reducing and eliminating unsafe behaviours, conditions and operational processes; 
  • Effective investigation of all incidents and applying controls that prevent a recurrence;
  • Seeking continuous improvement in systems and operational practices;
  • Responding to concerns, incidents, injuries and emergencies in a timely manner; 
  • Implementing programs to create a continuing high level of awareness; and
  • Quality safety leadership at all levels in the organisation.

Executive management

Our executive managers treat safety and health with high levels of importance.  This is demonstrated through:

  • Operation of a specialist SHEC Board Committee;
  • Addressing safety and health at all Executive Committee meetings;
  • Setting performance improvement targets in business plans;
  • Regularly reviewing performance and identifying opportunities for improvement;
  • Working cooperatively with stakeholders and regulators.

Incentives and Benefits

We aspire to be a performance-based organisation which uses specific measures and targets to drive and reward company, site or individual performance.

We offer competitive remuneration and the opportunity to earn incentives which reward good performance.

Our aim is to provide a total remuneration package that will attract and retain high quality, talented employees across all our businesses. In turn, we expect performance that delivers on our business plan and we actively support our people to achieve high performing outcomes.

Part of our remuneration strategy is the Short Term Incentive program. The purpose of the Short Term Incentive program is to reward employees for performance against the annual business plan on a quarterly or annual basis.

Employee Perception Surveys

The Employee Perception Surveys provide a mechanism for collecting employee feedback to drive continuous improvement in our business. Each year employees are given the opportunity to communicate their perceptions, opinions and suggestions for improvement across a range of dimensions.

Employee Assistance Program

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider delivers confidential and professional counselling to all employees and immediate family members at no cost to the employee.

Training and Development

Our people

We aspire to form a partnership with each person in the organisation which engages them to contribute towards achieving our company’s vision as well as developing personally.  Our people principles are built on our values of safety, integrity, action and results.  

Our people programs

Our employees want more than a job. They want to learn, improve their mix of skills and be given challenges and opportunities to grow and develop in their areas of expertise and interest. Our current programs include:

My Performance

Our My Performance Program has been developed to meet the needs of both the company and our employees. It sits at the heart of our people programs.

Clarifying job roles, defining individual accountabilities, providing opportunities for development and recognition are key features of this program.

My Performance is an integrated program that links the development and management of our employees and their work to our overall business objectives. The program has been organised under four headings that describe each component.

They are:

1. My Job - Describes every aspect of an employee’s job including accountabilities, skills, behaviours and knowledge required.
2. My Commitment - Individual objectives are set by the employee and manager for the calendar year ahead. These objectives form the basis for your formal performance review at the end of the year.
3. My Development - Feedback is provided on individual strengths and areas for improvement. The outcome of this discussion is the employee’s development plan.
4. My Contribution - Formal assessment of your performance and contribution over the previous 12 months.

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Supporting our Communities

Communities are a significant and important part of our social licence to operate and we endeavour to be a welcomed and valued member of the communities in which we operate.

Our approach to community involvement is to consult with, listen and respond openly to our community stakeholders. In doing so, we also aim to be open, honest and as cooperative as possible when issues and concerns do arise.

We invest in local communities as an integral part of our sustainability objective to ensure the communities in which we operate receive real benefit from our activities. In 2010, MMG contributed over $US6.1 million to local and regional communities for community development initiatives, local business development, education and training initiatives and sponsorships and donations.

Community consultation

We believe it is important to have a sound understanding of the views, concerns and aspirations of the communities we are a part of. 

We have a wide range of stakeholders that are impacted by our operations in positive and sometimes challenging ways including contractors, suppliers, government and regulators, local communities, Indigenous people and employees,.

We actively undertake community research at a number of our mine sites to help us understand the views of these stakeholders, which helps us to build positive relationships and ensure our community programs are valued by the communities in which we operate.

Some of these research programs include Community Perception Surveys and Social Impact Assessments.

Community programs

As part of our community engagement activities, MMG seeks to implement community development programs in the areas in which we work.

These are assessed on the basis of delivering long-term benefit to our host communities and, to the extent possible, are aligned with the wishes of these communities.

Find out more about community programs at our operations:

Environmental management

We recognise that excellence in managing environmental responsibilities is essential to long-term success.

We aim to minimise our environmental footprint and equip our people with environmental standards to effectively manage the environmental aspects of our operations.

Minimising the impact of our activities on the environment through sound risk management practices is a key objective of our business and our environmental performance standards set the internal benchmark for how we aim to operate.

The key environmental issues that our environmental teams are focusing on across our sites and operations are outlined below.

Environmental management and compliance

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment, ensure compliance with legislation and reduce our legacies through continuous improvement.

Toward these aims the company is developing an integrated SHEC Management System that incorporates ISO14001 environmental management system requirements. The system will include the formal, risk based identification of environmental policies, standards and supporting assurance program to measure the operational performance against the environmental performance standards. We are working to ensure all operations maintain or receive ISO14001 certification and achieve zero non-compliances with operational licence and other legal requirements.

Land and biodiversity management

At all our sites, identifying, monitoring and preserving species, protected areas and areas of high biodiversity value, alongside offset programs are a key focus.

We are currently investigating options for managing biodiversity offsets to enable a future state where we can aim to achieve zero net loss and developing biodiversity management plans for all mining operations during the next three years.

Energy, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change

Throughout all our operations, offices and transportation, the efficient use of energy is important in minimising greenhouse gas emissions. Current programs underway include the preparation of energy management plans for all our Australian mining operations; meeting our Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) commitments; preparing to submit the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS) report on schedule; and commencing a Climate Change Study during 2011.

Water management

The efficient use of water and management of waste water discharges is an evolving issue to which we are developing a robust Water Management Strategy and detailed Water Management Plan.

Recently, we have commenced working to ensure all operations to have a functional Water Balance Model to understand storage, usage and treatment requirements. In addition, functional water meters that enable accurate data collection of water usage, reuse and discharges are being installed at our operations.

Closure planning

Mine closure planning includes landform design and rehabilitation alongside community partnerships, for environmentally, economically and socially sustainable land use and local community activities post operations.

The company is currently developing guidance material for integrated closure planning across our operations, including a review tool to formally quantify closure risks, closure costs and assess the quality of closure plans.

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