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People and Careers

People are the engine that drives Unimin. Energetic, intelligent and motivated people find professional fulfillment and career-long opportunities in our organization. We recruit and retain the best people by offering our employees a work environment where their talents and energies are challenged and productively engaged. From highly trained equipment specialists to professional engineers and research scientists, talented individuals work together as colleagues with shared objectives and recognition.

We also encourage a work-life balance where both professional and personal lives can thrive. Employee benefit and wellness programs are a top priority at Unimin. We promote a smoke-free environment, healthy living habits and safe work practices that contribute to employee wellness at work, at home and in the community. Operational safety is ensured with a full time Safety and Health Officer and dedicated department of Certified Safety Professionals who emphasize risk awareness and safe work practices.

Graduates will be involved in challenging on-the-job assignments and projects, as well as leadership skills and personal development. There will be opportunities to work on a range of exciting and technically challenging business problems at two sites. Graduate opportunities may include the following disciplines: Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environment, Human Resources, Mining Engineering, ​Mechanical Engineering, Health & Safety and Finance.

Training and Education

We believe that training and education is a continuing, life-long endeavor, and we encourage our employees to participate in the many training and educational programs available at Unimin. Classroom seminars and web-based technical training ensure our team is informed, educated and equipped with the most current methods and technologies. Topics like safety and health, engineering and industrial operations, geology and the environment, and leadership and managerial skills continually prepare our employees for the next challenge and job responsibility.

Unimin also sponsors a New Graduate Training Program (NGTP) to provide engineers and technically-oriented employees with immediate and substantive exposure to the many facets of our operations. The NGTP program allows new employees to work in a number of different departments and to interact with our management team before deciding on any one department in which to work.

Community Involvement

We are first and foremost citizens of the communities in which we work, so our standing as good corporate citizen and neighbor is not just a symbolic gesture. It is an important component of our standard operating practices that shapes our business decisions. Each Unimin project is built upon good community relations and a constructive partnership that encourages communication between our company, our employees and our community.

Building enduring partnerships means earning the trust of local government, civic organizations and environmental groups through cooperative dialogue. We take pride in the places we work, and are actively engaged with local leaders, educators and institutions. Our participation can take many forms and we express ourselves through donations and volunteerism, by sponsorship of youth programs and community events, and with genuine interest for the welfare of our employees, friends and neighbors.

Lands for Learning

Unimin regularly opens its restored lands for Boy and Girl Scouting adventures, community outings and educational field trips. Through the Wildlife Habitat Council program of Corporate Lands for Learning we make enhanced and reclaimed sites available as outdoor classrooms, wildlife observatories and open spaces. With investments to improve property access, construct nature trails and pavilions, and develop new wildlife habitats our objective is to provide neighbors and community members with increased opportunities to study and enjoy the local ecology.

Open house tours provide a different, but equally valuable, educational experience. Unimin opens its doors to school groups and neighbors to share the science, technology and sustainability of mining. Tours conducted by Unimin engineers, geologists and plant personnel afford an in-depth industrial experience where both students and adults are always surprised to learn that "If it can't be grown it must be mined".

Creating Wildlife Habitats

When productive operations cease, Unimin turns former mining sites into wetlands, prairies and native grass habitats that are ideal sanctuaries for wood ducks, whitetail deer, wild turkey, bluebirds, screech owls and an abundance of fish species. Working with organizations like the Audubon Society, Bat Conservation International and the 4-H Club, Unimin has transformed more than 100,000 acres into healthy and diverse ecosystems.

Unimin also coordinates with the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) to create favorable environments for wildlife on unused and restored lands. Through its annual certification program the WHC recognizes 33 Unimin sites throughout North America for their superior habitat management initiatives. We're especially proud to have received WHC's most coveted Corporate Habitat of the Year Award, recognizing our conservatory projects designed to reintroduce and protect displaced species.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the guiding principle behind Unimin's long-term planning. Sustainability means fulfilling present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to also meet their needs. We recognize that today's decisions can have consequences for generations to come, so we proactively manage our operations and resources to ensure a sustainable business model for our employees, customers, community and other stakeholders.

With disciplined application, our sustainability programs facilitate the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social consciousness. Exploration activity, mine modeling and strategic decisions reflect corporate edicts to balance current and future demand for mineral products with prudent resource management and environmental stewardship. Our operating philosophy encourages community interface and participation, so that we may collectively create a sustainable economic and environmentally friendly future.

Resource Management

Unimin is committed to the conservation of the finite resources in its care. Plants operate with state-of-the-art technologies to minimize water and energy consumption. Some locations additionally employ renewable energy sources including hydro-power and bio-gas to help preserve limited natural resources. Good resource management also means responsible and efficient utilization. Mine planning, process engineering and production management are tasked to optimize land utilization and minimize our operational footprint.

There is no "one size fits all" approach to resource management. Unimin applies an entrepreneurial approach, tailoring our best practices to plan, manage and restore mining operations based upon the unique characteristics of each property. A corporate environmental officer coordinates the activities of environmental professionals to ensure operations are consistent with our commitment to sustainability.

Land Restoration

Unimin's objective is to work in harmony with our natural surroundings. As steward of the lands in our care, we give priority to the disciplined planning and execution of quarry restoration plans that enable us to operate mining and processing facilities with minimal impact.

Unimin designs and funds a reclamation strategy as part of every mine development plan and implements that strategy throughout the mineral extraction process. As the productive life of a mine is ended Unimin returns the land to an ecologically appropriate landscape. Our commitment to restoration extends beyond simple beautification. We strive to create natural ecosystems and wildlife habitats that preserve biodiversity and provide enjoyment for future generations.

Our Business Philosophy

Unimin is managed with a long term perspective. We invest for the future and manage for the next decade, with emphasis on growth, diversification and sustainable development. As part of the privately held Sibelco Group, our philosophy of conservative financial management has anchored Unimin in challenging times and fueled our steady growth. Our reputation for stability and reliable supply is built upon the planned integration of superior mineral reserves, efficient production technologies, and empowered employee teams.

Perhaps more than any other business, mining and mineral processing companies are defined by their corporate values and the policies, processes and programs that govern daily operations. Unimin is a recognized leader in the mining and industrial mineral community, and our long working relationship with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reflects our ongoing commitment to workplace safety.

We also understand that our decisions can have a wide-ranging and enduring impact on both the environment and economy. We're committed to the principles of sustainability and the responsible development of resources to fulfill current needs without compromising the requirements of future generations.

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