Outplacement Resources Toolkit for Employees

An employee resources toolkit of unrestricted access to job listings, resume posting and online courses for professional development and training in mining...

How Does It Work?

  • You give us a list of names ... we give you an activation code that you distribute to your employees... your involvement optionally stops here.
  • Employees subscribe online as individuals, using the activation code, and get unrestricted access to the resources listed above for six months.
  • Employees search for jobs, post their resumes, and learn, train and study online in their own time, at their own pace, from wherever is convenient.
  • Employees receive a preferred rate for certification in EduMine courses

What are the Features?

  • Employee access and exposure on the most comprehensive mining industry career and job site worldwide.
  • Optional online certification for employees in selected courses at a preferred rate.
  • Most online courses qualify for continuing education and training units (CEUs). Many courses qualify for continuing professional development (CPD) and university level continuing education credits.

What are the Benefits?

  • A softer, more considerate landing for laid-off employees
  • Career enhancement opportunities for employees
  • Increased job opportunities for employees

What your employee gets

Job Hunting Tools

  • Employee access to the most comprehensive job site in the mining industry to explore employment opportunities worldwide. See www.Careermine.com for more information.
  • Featured resume exposure on a mining industry website searched by employers and recruiters worldwide.

Education and Training Tools

  • Employee access to a large library of online courses for learning, training, study and certification in mining industry topics. See www.EduMine.com for more information.
  • More than 100 courses in English and Spanish representing more than 1300 hours of study content. Course topics from exploration to mineral processing… from rock reinforcement to financial analysis... from mining 101 to mine planning.

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