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Hire Resolve is a Mining Specialist Recruitment agency that focuses on the selection and placement of all mining professionals in South Africa, Africa and Internationally. 
We have successfully placed exceptionally skilled professionals within top companies in Australia, Canada, French Guinea, as well as South Africa and across Africa; for this reason we are well respected in the industries we operate in.

Hire Resolve is committed to finding the right person for the job, and we therefore pride ourselves in making sure that we match your staffing requirements exactly.
Our people pride themselves in knowing their industry better than anyone else. They consistently monitor, analyze and understand what is happening in the mining sector .
We consider it essential to place professionals in the type of environment that best suits their abilities and personalities in order to ensure a sustainable, rewarding and productive working career in the particular company.       


It is our mission to be the leading global recruitment company in the mining industry, through building an innovative and resilient organization with a community of talented people at its core. It is our aim that employees have fun at work and through their involvement with the company have daily learning experiences and benefit financially - thereby creating a company that is respected by its employees, and has a reputation as a great service organization with both its clients and candidates.


  • Professionalism & Service
  • Excellence
  • Passion
  • Commitment 


  • We have grown and will continue to grow organically.
  • People management and reward programs are carefully implemented; we try as far as is practical to ensure that their aspirations are top of mind and that we prepare them for any opportunities that may arise.
  • We are innovative in all areas of the business and use the internet and technology to accelerate the pace of our innovation.
  • We are committed to participating in transformation. In all hiring decisions we give preference to female candidates with a focus on ensuring we hire black females into the company.
  • We create and maintain our network and infrastructure to ensure our consultants can meet the needs of our clients.


  • Specialist 'expert' focus on our niches.
  • Give the Mining industry in which we have established a presence, intense focus and aim to dominate.
  • We understand the industry intimately and what is happening in the market
  • Provide great service by employing quality people and supporting them through innovation and provision of solid infrastructure.
  • Network at a senior level dealing with the heads of many mining organizations albeit face to face at the Hire Resolve booth at this year's Mining Indaba or via LinkedIn networks, Hire Resolve consultants are extremely well networked in the mining industry across South Africa and Globally.
  • Execute well.


Hire Resolve was started in 2004. The company owns its own offices in Century City, Cape Town; in Sunninghill, Johannesburg and has recently branched out globally. The company has become a significant player in Mining recruitment and is rated on Careers24 as the number two Recruitment Company in the country (2009).


The Managing Director is James Montagu and the Operations Director is James Dallas; he is also responsible for running the Gauteng operation. The company is structured according to the industry it serves with a headcount of 50 FTE's (Full Time Employees) across the global offices. Hire Resolve has very low staff turnover with only ten resignations in six years. The company continues to experience solid growth and is expected to grow to three times its size despite the recession.


Hire Resolve is rated a Level 4 BEE company on the Empowerdex index. The staff complement is consists of 30% black female and over 50% female employees. The company is expected to increase the percentage of black females in the business during 2009.


In our years within the industry, we have built long lasting relationships with both blue chip clients and the industry giants in the mining sector. We have placed hundreds of candidates nationally, regionally (Africa) and internationally. The respect we command within the industries we serve is born out of the continued positive response from both client and candidates alike. Last year the Hire Resolve website received an average of over 700 000 hits per month and continues to experience exponential growth in visitors. 


Our consultants are well networked and experts in their field. They receive the majority of their candidates through personal referrals and they know where to find the right candidates and the expertise our clients are looking for.

Traffic to the Hire Resolve website reached critical mass three years ago and we continue to grow traffic to the website exponentially with an average of 25,000 hits per day.

Word of mouth
The company is well known in its niches and both candidates and companies call or email us directly. Over the years we have built a database and more importantly a relationship with our candidates.

Industry databases
Hire Resolve has long standing relationships with Infomine, Careermine, Staffmine, Career Junction, PNet, Careerweb and the major classified sites.

Reference Checks
Hire Resolve does all the verification and Kroll Checks that are required. We are also able to do finger printing checks.

Hire Resolve is involved with networking with all senior level executives that attend the Mining Indaba. Please feel free to visit the Hire Resolve booth at the Mining Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa, and this year.


At Hire Resolve we take pride in understanding our clients' needs and providing exceptional recruitment services. We have been following the latest trends in the mining industry and have been aware of the numerous projects and vacancies coming up, and being in the recruitment field we are very aware of the time consuming and frustrating process of advertising and shortlisting suitable candidates.  

Hire Resolve has a team of skilled recruiters who sources the right candidate by utilizing our private database, our personal network, multilevel networking and job portals. Recently we have been widening our horizons and been advertising and response handling on behalf of some big mining houses and this service includes the design of the advertisements.

We at Hire Resolve are aware that you are advertising in the newspapers and we would like to extend our services and assist by offering the following services:

  • To design your advertisement with your company's logo,
  • To correspond with the relevant newspapers,
  • To handle all your responses with  every application thoroughly scrutinized and you only having to handle the relevant and good quality CVs;
  • Short-listing the cream of the top candidates.
  • We would notify all the successful and unsuccessful candidates and thereby saving you time to deal with other important issues.
  • The candidates are not only checked up on academic grounds, but also personality traits, criminal record and references.
  • This will provide you with the opportunity to focus on other important issues, save time and have a stress-free environment as we handle all the other pressures for you.

We are offering to do all these services free of charge; except for the payment of the newspaper advertisement and a placement fee should you fill the vacancy through us.
Don't hesitate to contact us at any time for more information.


Being retrenched is an enormous upheaval and a significant source of stress.

Hire Resolve offers an outplacement programme that enables companies to go through retrenchments effectively and proactively by getting retrenched employees re-employed and working again. This in turn results in a positive reference and frame of mind when looking back on their past employer even though they had to go through the potential trauma of a retrenchment process. 
This is of course hugely beneficial to the company and allows the company to focus on business matters and not having time and money consumed by CCMA hearings, strikes and other issues that arise from employees who feel they have been retrenched unfairly.  Costs can quite literally run into Millions of Rands that are incurred by the company during a badly managed retrenchment process.

Hire Resolve will manage this process for you and save you time, money and potentially the company’s reputation in the eyes of retrenched employees.

This Hire Resolve outplacement programme includes the following services.
One-on-One consultation with a recruitment specialist

  • Here the recruitment specialist will go through an interview process with the individual in order to gain as much information as possible regarding the candidate’s personality, achievements, growth potential, etc.

Individual career counselling assistance, including job re-direction/job change guidance

Having gained an in-depth understanding of the individual, we can now explore different opportunities together.  We will use this opportunity to have a frank discussion about different industries that can be explored, the possibility of relocation, etc.

Professional resume preparation & letters of application and Job search techniques

  • An intelligent job search is a very rare skill.  We will teach the individuals how to think like a recruiter/hiring manager when drawing up their CV and writing their letters of applications. 
  • We will assist them to upload their CV on all the portals and teach them various search techniques when doing a job search.
  • We will teach them how to read a spec and understand the most important requirements, and how to draw up their CVs and application letters around those requirements.
  • We will teach them telephone technique when following up on applications.
  • We will educate them on the recruitment industry and how agencies generally work.

Accessing the hidden job market

  • The hidden job market is not one that is well known or understood by non-recruiters/HR managers.
  • We will explain how the hidden job market works and how understanding this market can be the most beneficial to finding a new job.
  • We will teach cold-calling skills to help find that hidden job, as well as teach social media skills to aid them in networking with the correct people.

Interview preparation and presentation skills

  • Having gone through this entire process with the individual, we would have gained a strong feel for their strengths, weaknesses, personalities, etc. and can advise on how to use these various factors to their advantage in an interview, as well as offering the general tips on how to handle the stressful experience that is an interview.

Training opportunities

  • It is important for individuals to understand the plethora of opportunities available to them.  Most people do not realise the number of various qualifications and courses available to them.  I would like to bring information packs from the various universities, technikons and training academies, which will be used in conjunction with career counselling.

Hire Resolve will endeavour to do all in its power to place these individuals in suitable new employment.  The individuals will have access to our specialist recruiters, as well as being exposed to opportunities with our highly reputable clients.

We will also provide all individuals with information packs covering everything discussed in the sessions, which they can refer back to throughout their job search, and future career.

Please visit our booth in the Online Job Fair

GCC Group Consulting Engineer, Gauteng , South Africa
Geological Consultant (General), Gauteng , South Africa
Manager: Life of Mine Planning, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Materials Manager, North West, South Africa
Artisan Riggers (underground), Northern Cape, South Africa
Assistant Section Surveyor, North West, South Africa
Occupational Medical Practitioner, Free State, South Africa
Miners (5 positions available), Gauteng , South Africa
Mining Manager: Long Term Planning, Botswana, Botswana
Mechanical Foreman, Angola, Angola

Head Resource Planning and Development, Johannesburg, South Africa
Medical Doctors, Ghana, Ghana

Monday, April 14, 2014
Accountant, Johannesburg, South Africa

Friday, April 11, 2014
Planning and Survey Manager (EE), Gauteng, South Africa
NPI and Business Supervisor, Northern Cape, South Africa
Senior Contracts Managers - Mining, Johannesburg, South Africa

Operation Manager (Metallurgy), Gauteng, South Africa
HR Trainer, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Contracts Managers, South Africa, South Africa
Executive Director- Mining and Engineering, South Africa, South Africa
Electrician (Mining), Vereeniging, South Africa
Contracts Managers, South Africa, South Africa
Contracts Managers, South Africa, South Africa
Senior Mine Planner, Gauteng, South Africa
Mine Planner (Design and scheduler), North West , South Africa
Senior Construction Manager, South Africa, South Africa
Senior Contracts Managers, South Africa, South Africa
Underground Mine Surveyor, Free State, South Africa
Account Executive, Gauteng, South Africa
Mine Planner, North West, South Africa
Operations Surveyor, Gauteng, South Africa
PrEng Mechanical Engineer ( Mining Services/EPCM company), Johannesburg, South Africa
Sales Expert ( Mining), Northern Cape, South Africa
Mine production Planner, Philippines, Philippines
Mining Equipment Manager, Indonesia, Indonesia
Plant Director, Sri Lanka, Undisclosed

Monday, April 07, 2014
Section Engineer, Brits , South Africa
Drill and Blast Engineer, Kimberley, South Africa
Plant Business Unit Leader, Gauteng, South Africa
Process Controller, North West, South Africa
Senior Occupational Hygienist, Northern Cape, South Africa
Senior/Chief Medical Officers, North West, South Africa

Friday, April 04, 2014
Supply Chain Manager (Mining), Johannesburg, South Africa

Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Senior Stores Controller (Supply Chain), Northern Cape, South Africa
Senior Rock Engineer, Limpopo , South Africa

Friday, March 28, 2014
Warehouse Operator, Johannesburg, South Africa
Chief Mineral Process Engineer, Johannesburg, South Africa
Geotechnical Engineer/ Senior Rock Mechanic, Gauteng, South Africa
Metallurgical Plant Leader, Limpopo, South Africa
Rock Engineer Manager, North West, South Africa
Section Geologist, North West, South Africa
Environmental Safety Specialist, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
General Manager: Safety, Gauteng, South Africa
Senior/Chief Medical Officers, North West, South Africa

Thursday, March 27, 2014
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Johannesburg, South Africa
Human Resources Director, Gauteng, South Africa
IR Specialist, Limpopo, South Africa
Blaster, Gauteng, South Africa
Boilermaker (Metallurgical Plant), Free State, South Africa
Management Accountant EE, Gauteng, South Africa
Treasury and Settlements Superintendent, Limpopo, South Africa
Senior Project Manager, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Chief Engineer:Trackless, Zambia, Zambia
Financial Manager EE (Mining), Gauteng, South Africa
Financial Manager: Remuneration and Benefits, Gauteng, South Africa
Office Manager, Kathu, South Africa
Payroll Administrator, Johannesburg, South Africa
Beneficiation Engineer, Namibia, Namibia
Beneficiation Engineer, Namibia, Namibia
Process Specialist, India, India
Production Mine Manager, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dem. Rep. Congo
Assets Management / Divisional Engineer, Botswana, Botswana
Coal Quality & Logistics Coordinator, Australia, Australia
Engineering Manager Underground, Australia, Australia
Geology Manager, Australia, Australia
Geology Superintendent, Australia, Australia
Maintenance Supervisor, Australia, Australia
Mine Engineering Administrator, Australia, Australia
Mining Maintenance Superintendent, Australia, Australia
Production Team Leader, Australia, Australia

Female GCC Engineer, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Monday, March 17, 2014
Business Analyst & Improvement, South Africa, South Africa
Engineering Manager, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Drill and Blast Specialist, North West, South Africa

Friday, March 14, 2014
Chief Geologist, Limpopo, South Africa
Engineer with GCC, North West, South Africa
Control and Instrumentation Engineer, Gauteng , South Africa

Rock Engineer, Northern Cape, South Africa
Metallurgical Operation Manager, Gauteng, South Africa

Monday, March 10, 2014
Sr. Safety Engineer, Arizona, USA
Mining Engineer and Civil Engineer, Texas, USA
Maintenance Planner, USA, USA
Production & Shipping Supervisor, Wisconsin, USA
Quarry/Warehouse Supervisor, Illinois, USA
District Sales Manager, Pennsylvania, USA
Manager, Terminals & Warehouses, Colorado, USA
Purchasing / Warehouse Supervisor, Texas, USA
Safety & Health Supervisor, Missouri, USA
Production Supervisor, ON, Canada
Safety Manager, ON, Canada
Mill Operations Superintendent, ON, Canada
Senior Metallurgist, ON, Canada
Occupational Hygienist, Northern Cape, South Africa
Fitter, North West, South Africa
Senior Projects Planner, Johannesburg, South Africa
Group Logistics Manager (Mining), Mpumalanga, South Africa
Production Manager, Limpopo, South Africa
Chief Surveyor, Kimberley, South Africa
Manager - Engineering, Johannesburg, South Africa
Design/Mechanical Engineer, Johannesburg, South Africa

Occupational Health & Safety Manager, Indonesia, Indonesia

Survey HOD, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Senior Surveyor, Free State, South Africa
Mine Manager, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Coal Mine Manager, Mpumalanga - North, South Africa

Human Resource Development Manager, Middelburg, South Africa
Occupational Hygienist, Northern Cape, South Africa
GCC Engineer, Brits, South Africa
Procurement Manager (Engineering / Mining Industry), Johannesburg, South Africa

Monday, March 03, 2014
Corporate Quality Manager, Illinois, USA
Safety & Health Supervisor, Wisconsin, USA
Production/Shipping Supervisor (Third Shift), Minnesota, USA
Production & Shipping Supervisor, Minnesota, USA
General Supervisor Operations Leach/SXEW, Arizona, USA
Senior Electrical Engineer, Arizona, USA
Sr. Safety Engineer, Arizona, USA
Maintenance Supervisor, Arizona, USA
Supervisor I, Operations (Concentrator) , Arizona, USA
Metallurgical Engineer I , Arizona, USA
Geologist, Nigeria, Nigeria
Chief Rock Engineer, Ghana, Ghana
Mechanical Engineers, DRC, Dem. Rep. Congo
Electrical Engineer, DRC, Dem. Rep. Congo
Maintenance Superintendent, AB, Canada
Chief Mine Engineer, AB, Canada
Mill Foreman, ON, Canada
Maintenance Planner, BC, Canada
Maintenance Supervisor, AB, Canada
Mine Engineer, ON, Canada
Geotechnical Engineer, Western Australia, Australia
Senior Mine Surveyor, New South Wales, Australia
Principal Mining Engineer, New South Wales, Australia

Friday, February 28, 2014
Safety Officer, Thailand, Thailand
Senior Coal Export Sales Manager, Thailand, Thailand
Project Development Manager, Thailand, Thailand
Surveyor Manager, Northern Cape, South Africa
Survey HOD, North West, South Africa
Millwright, Northern Cape, South Africa
HDSA Chief Rock Engineer, Limpopo, South Africa
Electrical/ Mechanical Engineer, Germiston, South Africa
Mine Planning Superintendent, Kimberley, South Africa
Mine Planning Engineer, Brits, South Africa
Senior Mine Planner, Brits, South Africa
SHEQ Manager, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Fitters, North West, South Africa
SHEQ Practitioner, Limpopo, South Africa
Section Mine Planner, Brits, South Africa

Group Survey Manager, Northern Cape, South Africa
Construction Manager, Northern Cape, South Africa

Site Manager (Opencast Mining), North West, South Africa
Surface Rigger, Gauteng, South Africa

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Chief Surveyor, Northern Cape, South Africa
Instrument Mechanician, North West, South Africa
Production Supervisor, Domestic, South Africa
Mechanical/Electrical Engineers, Namibia, Namibia
Buyer- Mining, Mpumalanga, South Africa
HDSA Engineering Manager, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Mining Manager, Cape Town, South Africa
Group Logistics Manager, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Snr Geotechnical Engineer, Northern Cape, South Africa
Nurse, Gauteng, South Africa
Female Artisans, Gauteng, South Africa
Plant Engineer, Brits, South Africa
Head of Human Resources, Kalahari, South Africa
Senior Environmental Officer, Gauteng, South Africa

Monday, February 24, 2014
Maintenance Manager, South Dakota, USA
Field Engineer, Montana, USA
Lead Project Manager, Arizona, USA
Senior Mine Engineer, Texas, USA
Sr. Project Engineer, USA, USA
Mine Engineer, USA, USA
Plant Manager, NY, USA
Plant Superintendent, Wisconsin, USA
Lead Production Supervisor, Minnesota, USA
Mine Supervisor, WI, USA
Maintenance Supervisor, WI, USA
Production Engineer, BC, Canada
Millwright, BC, Canada
Mill Production Foreman, BC, Canada
Mine Production Foreman, BC, Canada
Chief Safety Officer, Northern Cape, South Africa
Maintenance Rigger, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Group Survey Manager, Northern Cape, South Africa
Millwright, Northern Cape, South Africa

Foreman, Secunda, South Africa

Hydrologists, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Drillhole Database Manager, Africa, South Africa
Boilermakers, North West, South Africa
Head of HR, Northern Cape, South Africa

Monday, February 17, 2014
Geotechnical Manager, Gauteng, South Africa


Anglo American
Avion Gold
BHP Billiton
Coffey Mining
Columbus Gold
De Beers
Equinox Minerals
First Uranium
First Quantum Minerals Ltd
Gold Fields
Gold stone Resources
Golden Star Resources Ltd
Jindal Africa
Paladin Energy
Platinum Australia
Randgold Resources
Rand Uranium
Riversdale Mining 
SEMS Exploration
Xstrata Alloys
Xstrata Coal


ROXANNE DALLAS:Amara Award Recruiter of the Year

Operations Director James Dallas and Managing Director James Montagu


[t] +1 310 906 5946
[f] +1 213 478 0955


[t] +1 310 906 5946
[f] +1 213 478 0955








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