• Ownership: 100%
  • Products: Thermal coal
  • Location: New Mexico, USA

BHP Billiton's coal mines in New Mexico supply two coal fired power plants which deliver electricity to approximately 900,000 families and businesses in Arizona, New Mexico and the south west region of the USA.

The mines are located on or near the Navajo Indian Reservation. Some 65 per cent of the workforce is Native American and the business funds a number of college scholarships for the indigenous community.

The San Juan Operation consists of an underground mine accessed via the high wall of the now closed open cut mine. Coal is supplied to the San Juan Generating Station. The underground mine is a single longwall operation. Reclamation of the closed surface mines will continue for 3 years. San Juan Mine is located 25 kilometres west of Farmington.

The Navajo Operation is an open cut mine utilising two draglines located on the Navajo Indian Reservation. It supplies coal to the Four Corners Power Plant. Navajo mine is located 30 kilometres south west of Farmington

New Mexico Coal Employs 946 People