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Funding is tight and many projects have been put on hold.  Even though the Markets have slowed considerably from where they were, The Suttie Group invites you to join us in anticipation of the intense demand for skilled personnel that will occur as the markets recover.  We will be ready, don’t miss out by waiting to let us know you are open to new opportunities, register now!

If you are a mining professional confidentially seeking to take your career to the next level, we should talk. We offer executive placement services specializing in the representation of the highest calibre talent.

As your Talent Agent...

We are committed to keeping you informed of appropriate opportunities and will confidentially market you to a network of specifically targeted companies who offer the best options for career growth. We stay informed and in regular contact with senior management in the mining sector and can ensure, at no cost to you, a solid match for both you and our clients.

Not ready to make a move yet? Perfect... let’s get to know each other now so when you are ready to make that move, we're ready too.
This is an ideal time for us to get to know one another so you will be on the ground floor as opportunities arise.

Friday, February 03, 2017
VP Engineering - Mexico, Not Stated, Mexico Hot!

The Suttie Group