Imperial Oil

Kearl Oil Sands is located approximately 70 km northeast of Fort McMurray in northeastern Alberta. Kearl is jointly owned between Imperial Oil Resources (operator) and ExxonMobil Canada, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Corporation.

Kearl will be one of Canada’s largest open-pit mining operations with regulatory approval for up to 345,000 barrels a day of production when fully developed. The initial development will see production of  around 110,000 bpd while the expansion phase (currently under construction) adds a further 110,000 bpd within several years of first operations. Ongoing expansions will increase output to regulatory capacity of 345,000 bpd through further extensions in both mining equipment and infrastructure as well as plant facilities. Kearl will be building its labour force substantially in line with production ramp-ups. Significant numbers of roles will exist for skilled mining and maintenance personnel – as well as technical and plant roles to support the growth.

Kearl’s commitment:

Safety: We support a work culture where nobody gets hurt. We put safety first. There is nothing more important.

Environment: We will develop Kearl responsibly to protect tomorrow today. We will act carefully and develop responsibly.

Execution Excellence: Excellence is our standard, not our goal. We will execute to high standards of business integrity, including quality and cost effectiveness and meet regulatory and stakeholder commitments.

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