Peace River Coal Inc., a producer of high-quality metallurgical coal for export, from Canada is jointly owned by Anglo American plc, Hillsborough Resources Ltd., and NEMI Northern Energy and Mining Inc. Anglo American holds a 74% interest in Peace River Coal. Peace River Coal owns substantial coal properties in the Peace River region of northeast British Columbia.

Through a commitment to safety and sustainable development, and with the help of local and other partners, we strive to develop and operate our mining properties such that they benefit society in general while minimizing environmental impacts and not harming people.

Total mine production to year-end 2009 was 1,000,000 tonnes of product, of which 950,000 tonnes were metallurgical coal and 50,000 tonnes were by-product thermal coal. Peace River coal future plans are to expand to a 2 million tonne operation producing purely metallurgical coal.

At this time Peace River Coal Inc. is accepting applications for all mine operation positions.

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