Stillwater Mining Company

Stillwater Mining Company is engaged in the development, extraction, processing, smelting, refining and marketing of palladium, platinum and associated metals from a geological formation in southern Montana known as the J-M Reef.  This is the only known significant source of platinum group metals (PGMs) in the United States and one of the significant resources outside of the Russian Federation and South Africa.  Platinum group metals are rare precious metals used in diverse applications for auto catalysts, fuel cells, hydrogen purification, electronics, jewelry, dentistry, medicine, coinage and other uses.

The Company owns the Marathon PGM-copper deposit in Ontario, Canada. This project is presently in the permitting stage. In addition, the Company owns the Altar porphyry copper-gold deposit located in the San Juan province of Argentina. The Company is currently advancing the delineation of this resource.

The Company conducts mining operations at its Stillwater and East Boulder mines in south-central Montana. The primary product produced at the Company’s mines is palladium. Concentrating plants are located at both mines to upgrade ore to a concentrate. The Company operates a smelter, refinery and laboratory at Columbus, Montana to further upgrade the concentrate to a PGM-rich filter cake. The Company also processes spent catalyst material through its recycling facility to recover PGMs.

Stillwater Mining Company, an Employer of Choice, is committed to:

  • Operating Safely
  • Valuing and developing employees by promoting trust through open and honest communication
  • Expecting and promoting teamwork by treating individuals with dignity and respect in the workplace
  • Recognizing and rewarding success by encouraging diversity, innovation and individuality
  • Offering a competitive salary and benefits

Set in the heart of Big Sky Country, employees of Stillwater Mining enjoy the best of what nature has to offer in one of the most picturesque states in the nation. Abundant wildlife throughout the state creates spectacular opportunities for viewing, photography, fishing and hunting.

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