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Founded in 1970, Unimin Corporation has grown from a small, local sand mining company to become a leading producer of non-metallic industrial minerals in the worldwide Sibelco Group. Our products are the fundamental building blocks of nearly every manufacturing and industrial process.

We're a worldwide supplier to the glass, ceramic and lighting industries, to oil and natural gas service companies, and to paint, plastic, rubber and composite manufacturers. Our high purity quartz products are the starting point for the world's semiconductor and solar photovoltaic cell production. We're also an integral supplier to the metallurgical and foundry industries, and we participate in a wide range of civil, industrial, environmental and building-related applications. Our products touch the lives of millions of people daily.

Quality and innovation are at the foundation of Unimin; but our real strength is our employees. Unimin employs a diverse and highly skilled team of professionals to convert natural mineral resources into engineered customer solutions. We are an application-focused company, drawing from a synergistic product portfolio and the global production capabilities of the Sibelco Group to deliver performance and value for our customers

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Unimin Corporation

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