How To Get Paid Your Worth

Trying to negotiate a salary with a potential employee is awkward and nerve wracking! Particularly if it’s a job you really want, and you don’t want to do anything to mess things up... so what do you do? It’s a very tough situation, as if you ask for too much, you may be dropped from consideration, ask for too little and you could be earning less than what your employer was willing to pay.

There are a couple of things you can do:

1. Always ensure you find out what the salary range is, before going for the interview

Most companies will put the salary range in with the job description, when advertising a position. If the salary is not there, always ask. That way you can avoid wasting yours and the recruiters time, if the salary range they are offering, is not in line with your requirements.

Also do some research to find a range that matches your level of experience. This way, you will know what salary range you should be looking in, and if the company is going to be able to offer you something fair and reasonable. You will also be in a position of strength as you will have facts to back yourself up with. Check out websites that specialise in salary information.

2. Know when to ask

Few people like to speak about money, but when it comes to negotiating the best salary you can get, it is important to realise that it is unavoidable. If possible ask upfront what the salary is, when you ask about the job, preferably before you go for the interview. Also if the salary is not negotiable rather find out early, before going through the whole interviewing process, only to be let down, and be bitterly disappointed when the offer arrives on your desk and it’s not in line with your expectations.

Most importantly if you don’t like the offer, ask for a breakdown of the package. Ensure that they include everything, including leave, sick leave, bonuses, shares etc. Once you have a complete picture of what is offered, it can give you a far better idea in terms of whether it’s a fair offer or not.

3. Ask about Non-Salary compensation

Always find out everything that is offered by the company i.e. what benefits they offer. Do they offer health insurance? Life insurance? Disability insurance? Car allowances? Bonuses? Cell phone allowances? Shares? The list goes on, these things all add up, so please keep them in mind, when you get a figure in your mind in terms of what you think you are worth.

4. Be realistic

If the position is offering $100K, but you don’t meet every requirement, you may need to settle for slightly less. If they want a degree, and you don’t have one, that could affect your offer, also, if they want somebody with 10 years’ experience and you only have 6. Also keep in mind that there may not be much room for flexibility. If the employer has a budget or an established salary structure, the best you might get is the top of the range for that particular role. All these things need to be taken into consideration. So ensure you have researched the market, that you know your worth etc. before blowing the deal by demanding too much...