Chemical Analysis / Research Mining Jobs

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May 6, 2016
Assay Lab technician Hot!
Alaska, USA May 6
May 5, 2016
Laboratory Shift Technician
Ravensthorpe, WA, Australia May 5
May 4, 2016
Chemist - Temporary/Contract
Hibbing, MN, USA May 4
Chemist - Lab Position
Hibbing, MN, USA May 4
Air Quality Project Manager
New York, NY, USA May 4
Managing Partner, Air Quality & Climate Change Practice
Chicago, IL, USA May 4
May 3, 2016
Concrete Lab Technician
Baltimore, MD, USA May 3
Boulder, CO or Albuquerque, NM, USA May 3
Engenheiro Químico
Pará, Brazil May 3
Entry Level Construction Materials Testing Technician (Part-time, Seasonal)
Flagstaff, AZ, USA May 3
May 2, 2016
Managing Engineer
Irvine, CA, USA May 2
Project Manager (Water/Wastewater)
Atlanta, GA, USA May 2
Air Quality Staff Engineer
Charleston, WV, USA May 2
Air Quality Staff Engineer
Malvern, PA, USA May 2
Air Quality & Environmental Due Diligence Staff Engineer/Scientist
Ewing, NJ, USA May 2
Staff Environmental Scientist/Laboratory Assistant
Holland, MI, USA May 2
Staff Environmental Scientist
Charleston, SC, USA May 2
Staff Environmental Air Quality/Compliance Consultant
Rochester, NY, USA May 2
April 30, 2016
Director/Partner, Air Quality & Climate Change Consulting
Atlanta, GA, USA April 30
Engineer III - Process Concentrates - RCRA
Lithia, FL, USA April 30
Key Account Manager – Chemical Intermediates (Pine Chemicals)
Remote, USA April 30
April 29, 2016
Site Manager Hot!
Kabul, Afghanistan April 29
Laboratory Technician
Australia, Australia April 29
Lab Technician
Bettsville, OH, USA April 29
Laboratory Technician
Denver, USA April 29
Managing Engineer
Walnut Creek, CA, USA April 29
Laboratory Technician (part time)
Australia, Australia April 29
Engineer Sr. - Process Concentrates
Uncle Sam, LA, USA April 29
Principal EHS Consultant
Pittsburgh, PA, USA April 29
Air Quality Project Manager
Atlanta, GA, USA April 29
Director/Partner, EHS Management Systems Consulting
Houston, TX, USA April 29
April 27, 2016
Laboratory Technician - Benthic Macroinvertebrate Sorters
Denver, CO, USA April 27
April 26, 2016
Quarry Laboratory Technician
Melbourne, VIC, Australia April 26
Precast Engineer
Antioch, CA, USA April 26
April 23, 2016
Chemist II - Analytical - CASC Hot!
Safford, AZ, USA April 23
Senior Chemist - Analytical - CASC Hot!
Safford, AZ, USA April 23
Environmental Engineer
Rico, Colorado, USA April 23
April 22, 2016
Engineer II- Process Concentrates
Mulberry, FL, USA April 22
Laboratory Technician (Geotechnical)
Atlanta, GA, USA April 22
April 21, 2016
QC Lab Summer Position
San Antonio, TX, USA April 21
April 20, 2016
QC Technician
Rittman, OH, USA April 20
Sales Manager Industrial Products NA and Mexico
Chicago, IL, USA April 20
Laboratory Technician (Summer Intern)
Anchorage, AK, USA April 20
April 19, 2016
Laboratory Technician
Charleston, SC, USA April 19
Engineering Manager
Ogden, UT, USA April 19
April 18, 2016
Air Permit Manager
Freeport, TX, USA April 18
Reactive Chemical Technology Leader
Freeport, TX, USA April 18
Summer Co-Op
Oyster Creek, TX, USA April 18
Zone B Analyzer Tech
Freeport, TX, USA April 18
Chemical Operator
Niagara Falls, NY, USA April 18
April 15, 2016
Plant Production Manager
Panama City, FL, USA April 15
Operations Leader
Vicksburg, MS, USA April 15
Environmental Compliance Senior Engineer
Walnut Creek, CA, Canada April 15
April 14, 2016
Analytical Lab Tech
Bartow, FL, USA April 14
Concrete Lab Technician Intern – US Material Performance Center (MPC)
Romeoville, IL, USA April 14
Lab Manager
Elko, NV, USA April 14
Senior Engineer/O&M
Upper Saddle River, NJ, USA April 14
Water Technologist, Water Business Group
Sacramento, CA, USA April 14
April 13, 2016
Environmental Chemist / Geochemist
Baden, Switzerland April 13
Materials Lab Coordinator
Tyler, TX, USA April 13
April 12, 2016
Blender/Mixer Operator
Cutler, CA, USA April 12
Process Lab Technician
Roberta, GA, USA April 12
Technical Assistant Metallurgical Laboratory
North West Province, South Africa April 12
April 11, 2016
Engineer - Chemical Plant Supervision
Niagara Falls, NY, USA April 11
Senior Researcher – Artisanal & Small Scale Mining
United Kingdom, United Kingdom April 11
April 9, 2016
Quality Lab Supervisor
Winchester, VA, USA April 9
Staff Environmental Chemist
Redmond, WA, USA April 9
April 8, 2016
Senior Sales Manager (Mid-West Territory)
Mid West USA, USA April 8
Portfolio Design Manager (Managing Engineer)
Irvine, CA, USA April 8
Junior Sales Analyst
United Kingdom, United Kingdom April 8
Laboratory Technician
Holly Hill, SC, USA April 8
April 7, 2016
Construction Materials Field Testing and Laboratory Manager
Jacksonville, FL, USA April 7
April 6, 2016
Construction Materials Testing Technician / Special Inspector (ICC Masonry & ACI Certified)
Taylorsville, UT, USA April 6
Construction Materials Testing Technician / Special Inspector (WAQTC certified - Full Per Diem)
Austin, TX, USA April 6
April 5, 2016
Senior Process Engineer
The Woodlands, TX, USA April 5
April 4, 2016
Quality Control Technician
San Antonio, TX, USA April 4
Quality Control Technician
San Antonio, TX, USA April 4
Laboratory Technician
Philadelphia, PA, USA April 4
April 1, 2016
Senior Air Quality Consultant
Bakersfield, CA, USA April 1
March 31, 2016
Quality Control Technician- Ready Mix
Seattle, WA, USA March 31
Quality Control Technician
Port Canaveral, FL, USA March 31
March 30, 2016
Lab Analyst
Verona, KY, USA March 30
Materials Laboratory Manager
Tyler, TX, USA March 30
March 28, 2016
Compliance & Facilities Coordinator
Lehi, UT, USA March 28
March 26, 2016
Laboratory Technician
Columbia, SC, USA March 26
March 25, 2016
Biólogo Sênior
Oriximiná / PA, Brazil March 25
Lab Technician
Ada, OK, USA March 25
Lab Tech (Aggregate/Lime)
Winchester, VA, USA March 25
March 24, 2016
Technical Documentation Specialist
Chicago, IL, USA March 24
March 23, 2016
Environmental Compliance Consultant
Cincinnati, OH, USA March 23
Field / Lab Construction Materials Testing Technicians
Albuquerque, NM, USA March 23
Chemical Operator - 2nd shift
Buffalo, NY, USA March 23
Materials Lab Supervisor
San Antonio, TX, USA March 23
March 22, 2016
South Africa, South Africa March 22
March 18, 2016
Optimisation Statistician
Africa, Undisclosed March 18
March 17, 2016
ERP Mining Role
Johannesburg, South Africa March 17
March 16, 2016
Construction Materials Testing - Project Manager
Flagstaff, AZ, USA March 16
Construction Materials Lab Manager
Salt Lake City, UT, USA March 16
Laboratory Technician/Lab Loadout Operator
Wedron, IL, USA March 16
Environmental Air Monitoring Scientist
Hamilton, NJ, USA March 16
Ste. Genevieve, MO, USA March 16
March 15, 2016
Account Manager
West Coast USA, USA March 15
Laboratory Assistant
Africa, Undisclosed March 15
March 14, 2016
Quality Assurance Manager
Salt Lake City, UT, USA March 14
Tribology Consultant
United Kingdom, United Kingdom March 14
Statistics / Epidemiology IEU Research Associate
United Kingdom, United Kingdom March 14
March 10, 2016
Principal Environmental Consultant
Yellowknife, NT, Canada March 10
Senior Process Engineer
Tucson, AZ, USA March 10
March 9, 2016
Construction Materials Testing Laboratory / Project Manager / Supervisor
Colorado Springs, CO, USA March 9
Air Quality Specialist
Santa Rosa, CA, USA March 9
Project Scientist/Engineer
Bismarck, ND, USA March 9
Quality Control Technician I
Santa Clara, CA, USA March 9
March 8, 2016
Bachelors - Automation Engineering Intern-COOP
Fairfax, VA, USA March 8
Bachelors - Automation Engineering Intern-COOP
Dallas, TX, USA March 8
Account Manager
Cleveland, TX, USA March 8
Lab Technician
Salt Lake City, UT, USA March 8
March 7, 2016
Laboratory Assistant
Limpopo, South Africa March 7
Opportunity Research Associate
London, United Kingdom March 7