Chemical Analysis / Research Mining Jobs

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September 26, 2016
Financial Controller, Group level: Africa, Petroleum Products and Chemicals, South Africa Hot!
Johannesburg, South Africa September 26
Managing Engineer/Mechanical Process
Davis, Sacramento, San Francisco, Walnut, USA September 26
Production Engineer- Chemical
Niagara Falls, NY, USA September 26
Research Scientist
Freeport, TX, USA September 26
Industrial Lab Technician
Charleston, SC, USA September 26
September 24, 2016
Chef métallurgiste Hot!
Abitibi, Canada September 24
Inorganics Chemist
Billings, MT, USA September 24
September 23, 2016
Gerente de procesos Hot!
Jujuy, Argentina September 23
Mill Engineer Hot!
Vernal, UT, USA September 23
Quality Coordinator
Bloomsdale, MO, USA September 23
Chemical Operator
USA, USA September 23
Sample Preparation Supervisor
Perth, WA, Australia September 23
Account Manager
Bellefonte, PA, USA September 23
Laboratory Technician
Hevelock, NB, Canada September 23
Construction Materials Testing Technician / Special Inspector (ICC Certified)
Merced, CA, USA September 23
Construction Materials Testing Technician / Special Inspector (ICC Certified)
Hayward, CA, USA September 23
Environmental Chemist
Mount Laurel, NJ, USA September 23
September 22, 2016
Senior Quality Control Technician
Brady, TX, USA September 22
Director, Quality Assurance
Chicago, IL, USA September 22
Maintenance and Reliability Manager
Grand Saline, TX, USA September 22
Summer Intern - Mechanical/Electrical/Chemical
Carlsbad, NM, USA September 22
Development Chemist
USA, USA September 22
September 21, 2016
Instrument Control Specialist
Midway, TN, USA September 21
September 20, 2016
Chemical Operator - 2nd shift
Buffalo, NY, USA September 20
Plant Manager
Kansas City, KS, USA September 20
Quality Assurance Manager
Salt Lake City, UT, USA September 20
Lab Technician
Salt Lake City, UT, USA September 20
September 19, 2016
Laboratory Technician
Western Australia, Australia September 19
Senior Engineer/O&M
Upper Saddle River, NJ, USA September 19
Managing Engineer/Process Mechanical
Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA, USA September 19
September 17, 2016
RJ, Brazil September 17
September 16, 2016
Co-Op Engineer, Process
Knoxville, TN, USA September 16
Battery Test Lab Technician
Lyon Station, PA, USA September 16
Junior Air Quality Engineer
Gainesville, FL, USA September 16
Environmental Technician
Jacksonville, FL, USA September 16
September 15, 2016
Permitting Coordinator Hot!
Smithers, BC, Canada September 15
Principal Scientist Sr.
Hagerstown, MD, USA September 15
Analista de Qualidade
MG, Brazil September 15
September 14, 2016
Analytical Technician - Fort Sask. Office - Metals Hot!
Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Undisclosed September 14
September 13, 2016
Chief Executive Officer Hot!
Port Moresby, PNG, Papua New Guinea September 13
Lab Technician
Woodville, OH, USA September 13
Air Permitting and Compliance Specialist
Jane Lew, VW, USA September 13
September 9, 2016
Assay Lab Technician 1 Hot!
Alaska, USA September 9
PR, Brazil September 9
Sr. Research Engineer
Saint Clair, MI, USA September 9
Analyst Manager
Africa, Undisclosed September 9
Account Executive
Chicago, IL, USA September 9
Senior Chemist
Chicago, IL, USA September 9
Inorganics Chemist
Billings, MT, USA September 9
Sample Receiving Technician
Billings, MT, USA September 9
September 8, 2016
Technical Specialist 1
Oklahoma City, OK, USA September 8
Resident Project Engineer
Little Rock, AR, USA September 8
Reliability Performance Analyst
Undisclosed, Undisclosed September 8
September 7, 2016
Continuous Improvement & Reliability Leader
Mt. Pleasant, TN, USA September 7
Controls Engineer - DeltaV
Pasadena, TX, USA September 7
Chemical Manufacturing Operator
Longview, WA, USA September 7
Princeton, NJ, USA September 7
Chemical Operator / Production Technician
Spartanburg, SC, USA September 7
Chemical Operator
GA, USA September 7
Analytical Chemistry Technical Lab Leader
Bristol, PA, USA September 7
September 5, 2016
Mining Knowledge & Research Manager
Northern Province, South Africa September 5
September 3, 2016
Air Quality Field Technician
Ontairo, CA, USA September 3
September 1, 2016
EPC Project Director
Bethlehem, PA, USA September 1
Chemical Engineer Co-Op/Intern
Lithia, FL, USA September 1
Chemical Engineer Co-Op/Intern
Uncle Sam, FL, USA September 1
August 31, 2016
Engineer II
Sewickley, PA, USA August 31
Construction Materials Testing Laboratory Coordinator
Arlington, TX, USA August 31
Quality Process Manager – Resin Coated Sand
Wedron, IL, USA August 31
Water Laboratory Director
Flagstaff, AZ, USA August 31
Water Laboratory Technician
Flagstaff, AZ, USA August 31
August 30, 2016
Construction Materials Technician, Experienced
Brownsville or Harlingen, TX, USA August 30
Staff Air Quality Engineer
Bakersfield, CA, USA August 30
Automation Specialist 4
Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA August 30
Research Scientist
Freeport, TX, USA August 30
August 29, 2016
Air Quality Staff Engineer
Nashville, TN, USA August 29
Operations Supervisor
WA, Australia August 29
Mining Chemistry Technician
Africa, Undisclosed August 29
August 26, 2016
Office Administrator
Tulsa, OK, USA August 26
Technical Services Area Manager
Louisville, KY, USA August 26
Account Manager – Chemical Intermediates (Chemicals)
Remote, US, USA August 26
Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental & Security (HSES) Manager (Chemicals)
Pensacola, FL, USA August 26
Senior Process Engineer (Chemicals)
Dover, OH, USA August 26
Health, Safety, Environmental, & Security (HSES) Manager (Polymers)
Belpre, OH, USA August 26
Director/Partner, Air Quality & Climate Change Consulting
Atlanta, GA, USA August 26
August 25, 2016
Lab Technician
Stockertown, PA, USA August 25
Senior Chemical Engineer
Reno, NV, USA August 25
Lab Technician - Temporary
Estevan, SK, Canada August 25
Air Quality Project Manager
Houston, TX, USA August 25
Part –Time Environmental Water Sampling Technician
Chicago, IL, USA August 25
August 24, 2016
Air Quality Staff Engineer/Scientist
Walnut Creek, CA, USA August 24
Assistant Product Manager
Overland Park, KS, USA August 24
Hayden, AZ, USA August 24
Air Quality Staff Engineer
Charleston, WV, USA August 24
Senior Environmental Compliance Engineer
Walnut Creek, CA, USA August 24
Air Quality Field Technician
Denver, CO, USA August 24
Lab Manager
Elko, NV, USA August 24
August 23, 2016
Chemist - Temporary/Contract
Hibbing, MN, USA August 23
Product Development Specialist
Charlotte, NC, USA August 23
Construction Materials Technician, Entry Level
Tyler, TX, USA August 23
Chemical Stripping Operator
Wheatfield, NY, USA August 23
Chemical Stripping Operator - 2nd shift
Wheatfield, NY, USA August 23
Lab Technician
Borger, TX, USA August 23
August 22, 2016
Environmental Chemist
Mulberry, FL, USA August 22
Lab Supervisor
Gary, IN, USA August 22
Analytical/Technical III
Portage, IN, USA August 22
Laboratory Technician
Charlottesville, VA, USA August 22
Water Wastewater Engineer II
Miami, FL, USA August 22
August 19, 2016
R&D Engineer
Ste. Genevieve, MO, USA August 19
Laboratory Supervisor
Hagerstown, MD, USA August 19
Process Performance Engineer
Holly Hill, SC, USA August 19
Lab Analyst
Logansport, IN, USA August 19
Technician – Analytical Services (Pine Chemicals)
Savannah, GA, USA August 19
Reliability Engineer – Rotating Equipment (Chemicals)
Panama City, FL, USA August 19
Soils Lab Technician
Baltimore, MD, USA August 19
August 18, 2016
Account Manager Hot!
Arizona or Utah, USA August 18
Assay Lab Superisor Hot!
Marathon, ON, Canada August 18
Engineer I (Wastewater)
Various Locations, USA, USA August 18
August 15, 2016
Hydrometallurgical Engineer - Industrial Gas R&D Hot!
Newark, Delaware, USA August 15
August 9, 2016
Entry Level Engineer
Broward, FL, USA August 9
Assay Lab Technician
Elko, NV, USA August 9
August 4, 2016
Environmental Chemist
Mulberry, FL, USA August 4
August 3, 2016
Laboratory Supervisor
Forbes, MN, USA August 3
August 2, 2016
SDS Author Specialist
Houston, TX, USA August 2
Hazard Communications Specialist
Houston, TX, USA August 2
Ingeniero Químico Metalurgico
México, Mexico August 2
Chemist - Lab Position
Hibbing, MN, USA August 2
July 30, 2016
Manager, Capital Investments
Blepre, OH, USA July 30
July 29, 2016
Process Engineer
Ste Genevieve, MO, USA July 29