Chemical Analysis / Research Mining Jobs

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March 22, 2017
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director - Water Business Line
Fairfax, VA, USA March 22
Intern - R & D Chemistry / Engineering
Moon Township, PA, USA March 22
Intern - Chemical Modeling Software
Moon Township, PA, USA March 22
Lab Technician
Wedron, IL, USA March 22
March 21, 2017
Utah - Laboratory Analyst
Delta, UT, USA March 21
Senior Process Engineer - Chemicals
Graham, KY, USA March 21
Ingeniero de Medio Ambiente
Lima, Peru March 21
March 20, 2017
Analyst – Metals & Mining
Leeds, United Kingdom March 20
Senior Mining & Metals Analyst
London, United Kingdom March 20
Research Scientist
Freeport, TX, USA March 20
March 17, 2017
Chemist/Lab Manager Hot!
Gabbs, NV, USA March 17
Shipping Attendant
McAlester, OK, USA March 17
Risk Assessment Specialist/Process Safety Specialist
Atlanta, GA, USA March 17
Ingeniero de cuarto de control (mina)
San Luis Potosí, Mexico March 17
March 16, 2017
Jefe/a Unidad Agua Industrial
Colón, Chile March 16
Chemical/Corrosion Intern
Bessemer, AL, USA March 16
Technical Specialist; Water, Chemistry & Quality
Irving, TX, USA March 16
Part-Time On-site Air Quality Compliance Consultant
Lake Charles, LA, USA March 16
Air Quality Staff Engineer
Charleston, SC, USA March 16
Quality Lab Technician
Silver Springs, NY, USA March 16
Environmental Specialist - Air Quality
Boulder, CO, USA March 16
Senior Researcher – Mining
Undisclosed, Undisclosed March 16
Inorganics Chemist
Billings, MT, USA March 16
Inorganics Chemist
Casper, WY, USA March 16
March 15, 2017
Lab Technician
Cutler, IL, USA March 15
March 14, 2017
Bond Lab Technician I
Brewster, NY, USA March 14
Bond Lab Technician I
Santa Clara, CA, USA March 14
Manufacturing Operator B - Bonding Tech (2nd shift)
Buffalo, NY, USA March 14
Chemical Stripping Operator - 2nd shift
Wheatfield, NY, USA March 14
Chemical Operator
McIntosh, AL, USA March 14
Entry Level Process Engineer
Lenexa, KS, USA March 14
March 13, 2017
Técnico de Laboratorio Hot!
Santa Rosalía, Baja California Sur, Mexico March 13
March 11, 2017
Assay Lab Chemist/Trainer Hot!
Red Dog Operations, Alaska, USA March 11
Monitoreador de Higiene Ocupacional
Pasco, Peru March 11
March 10, 2017
Senior Assayer - Minto Mine Site Hot!
Yukon Territory, Canada March 10
Staff Environmental Air Quality/Compliance Consultant
Rochester, NY, USA March 10
Africa, Undisclosed March 10
March 9, 2017
Chemical Technician I
Hayden, AZ, USA March 9
March 8, 2017
Corporate Safety Professional
Phoenix, AZ, USA March 8
Libertyville, IL, USA March 8
March 7, 2017
Supervisor de Acabados
Lima, Peru March 7
Supervisor de Moldeo
Lima, Peru March 7
Hydronic Balancing and Controls Specialist
San Francisco, CA, USA March 7
Researcher (Chemical Industry)
Spartan, South Africa March 7
March 6, 2017
Supervisor de Calidad
Lima, Peru March 6
March 3, 2017
Mineral Lab Technician
Kershaw, SC, USA March 3
March 2, 2017
Chemist Technician
Carlsbad, NM, USA March 2
Senior Forensic Specialist
East Chicago, IN, USA March 2
March 1, 2017
Ensayador de laboratorio analítico Hot!
México, Mexico March 1
Sales Engineer, Midwest
IL, USA March 1
Research Application Assistant Co-Op
Stamford, CT, USA March 1
Area Environmental Health Safety [EHS] Manager
Oklahoma City, OK, USA March 1
Construction Materials Testing Lab Coordinator
Arlington, TX, USA March 1
Staff Chemist
Bloomington, MN, USA March 1
Grease Plant Manager
Harvey, IL, USA March 1
Mining Industry Analytical Chemist
South Africa, South Africa March 1
February 28, 2017
Supervisores de Laboratorio Analítico Hot!
México, Mexico February 28
Jefe de Refinería Hot!
Cucurpe, Sonora, Mexico February 28
Bond Lab Technician I
Brewster, NY, USA February 28
R&D Electrochemist
Windsor, CT, USA February 28
Engineer II Process
Bartow, FL, USA February 28
Researcher – Technical
Eastern Cape, South Africa February 28
Air Quality Project Manager
Gainesville, FL, USA February 28
R&D Chemist/ Scientist
Harvey, IL, USA February 28
February 27, 2017
Air Quality Staff Engineer/Scientist
Walnut Creek, CA, USA February 27
Air Quality Staff Engineer
Indianapolis, IN, USA February 27
February 25, 2017
Technician – Chemical Intermediates (Chemical segment)
Savannah, GA, USA February 25
Project Manager, Industrial Hygiene
Charlotte, NC, USA February 25
Scientist 1, Industrial Hygiene
Manassas, VA, USA February 25
Lab Specialist (Chemical) - Alternate Work Schedule on 2nd and 3rd
Mapleton, IL, USA February 25
February 24, 2017
Chef métallurgiste Hot!
Abitibi, Canada February 24
Oil Gas & Chemical Electrical Engineer Intern
The Woodlands, TX, USA February 24
Air Quality and Environmental Compliance Staff Engineer
Annapolis, MD, USA February 24
Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance Consultants (Contract)
Multiple Locations, USA February 24
February 23, 2017
Physical Test Lab Supervisor
Groveland, MA, USA February 23
Pembine, WI, USA February 23
February 22, 2017
Laboratory Technician
Atlanta, GA, USA February 22
Construction Materials Testing Laboratory Technician
Hayward, CA, USA February 22
Air Quality Staff Engineer
Malvern, PA, USA February 22
February 21, 2017
Químico Metalúrgico
Arequipa, Peru February 21
Químico Metalúrgico, Metalurgista
Sonora, Mexico February 21
February 20, 2017
Ingeniero Operador de Aguas y Relaves
Cerro Pasco, Peru February 20
February 17, 2017
Subgerente Vigilancia Sanitaria
Sonora, Mexico February 17
February 15, 2017
Engineer in Training
Tehachapi, CA, USA February 15
February 14, 2017
Chemical Operator - 2nd shift
Buffalo, NY, USA February 14
Chemical Engineer
Glen Burnie, MD, USA February 14
February 13, 2017
QC/QA Lab Technician
Chico, TX, USA February 13
February 11, 2017
Instrumentistas Planta Piloto - Metalurgia
Lima, Peru February 11
February 10, 2017
Técnico Equipos de Monitoreo Ambiental
Lima, Peru February 10
Hagerstown, MD, USA February 10
Oil Gas & Chemical Engineer Intern
The Woodlands, TX, USA February 10
Sample Receiving Technician
Billings, MT, USA February 10
February 9, 2017
Staff Scientist, Assessment & Compliance
Richardson, TX, USA February 9
Data Validation Project Chemist (FLEX TIME)
Hamilton, NJ, USA February 9
February 7, 2017
Quality Chemical Lab Analyst
Elmore, OH, USA February 7
Lab Tech 1 - 2nd shift
Buffalo, NY, USA February 7
Client Service Leader - Chemicals
Dallas, TX, USA February 7
Activity Coordinator/Gatekeeper
Freeport, TX, USA February 7
Production Engineer/ RPE- Epoxy
Freeport, TX, USA February 7
Process Engineer Associate
Midlothian, TX, USA February 7
February 6, 2017
Preparador de Muestras
Apurímac, Peru February 6
February 4, 2017
Junior / Intermediate Geochemist Hot!
Mississauga, ON, Canada February 4
Quality Supervisor
Chatsworth, GA, USA February 4
Specialist, FGT Technology
Fort Worth, TX, USA February 4
February 3, 2017
Regional Technical Manager
West Palm Beach, FL, USA February 3
Quality Control Manager
Redding, CA, USA February 3
Production Supervisor
Toccoa, GA, USA February 3
February 2, 2017
Assay Lab Supervisor Hot!
Marathon, ON, Canada February 2
Senior Forensic Specialist
East Chicago, IN, USA February 2
Process Engineer - Blast Furnace Technology
Gary, IN, USA February 2
Air Quality Staff Engineer
Cincinnati, OH, USA February 2
February 1, 2017
Project Engineer
Spartanburg, SC, USA February 1
Lab Tech/Loadout
Brewer, MO, USA February 1
Research & Development Technician
Ottawa, IL, USA February 1
Senior Chemist
Salt Lake City, UT, USA February 1
Project Administrative Assistant
Reno, NV, USA February 1
January 31, 2017
Supervisor de Laboratorio Químico
Junin, Peru January 31
Ingeniero Químico
Arequipa, Peru January 31
January 28, 2017
Senior Assayer Hot!
Halifax, NS, Canada January 28
Plant Safety Specialist (Chemical segment)
Dover, OH, USA January 28
Global Marketing Manager – Oilfield Chemicals
Houston, TX, USA January 28
Production Shift Supervisor (Chemical segment)
Dover, OH, USA January 28
Sales Manager II – Chemical Intermediates (Chemical segment)
Flexible, US, USA January 28
Sales Manager I – Chemical Intermediates (Chemical segment)
Flexible, US, USA January 28
Technical Leader – Adhesives North America (Chemical segment)
Savannah, GA, USA January 28
Scientist – Adhesives North America (Chemical segment)
Savannah, GA, USA January 28
Laboratory Technician
Ste. Genevieve, MO, USA January 28
Engineer-Production II, III
Plant City, FL, USA January 28
Assistant Manager Production II
Mulberry, FL, USA January 28
Air Quality Staff Engineer
Raleigh, NC, USA January 28
January 27, 2017
Production Analyst
Bloomsdale, MO, USA January 27
January 26, 2017
Production Supervisor
Green River, WY, USA January 26
Libertyville, IL, USA January 26
Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance Consultants
Multiple Locatiobns, USA January 26
January 25, 2017
Production Area Leader
Greenville, TX, USA January 25
Chemical Operator
Charleston, SC, USA January 25
Regional Health, Safety & Environment Engineer
Snyder, TX, USA January 25
Engineering Co-Op
Spartanburg, SC, USA January 25
Production Or Process Engineer
Marietta, OH, USA January 25
Research Associate/Lab Technician (Temporary-To-Permanent)
Sugar Land, TX, USA January 25
Construction Materials Testing Laboratory Supervisor
Las Vegas, NV, USA January 25
Maintenance and Reliability Manager
Grand Saline, TX, USA January 25
Director/Partner, Air Quality & Climate Change Consulting
Atlanta, GA, USA January 25
Air Quality Senior Consultant
Pasadena, CA, USA January 25
January 24, 2017
Trujillo, Peru January 24
Chemical Stripping Operator - 2nd shift
Wheatfield, NY, USA January 24
Chemical Stripping Manager
Albuquerque, NM, USA January 24
Chemical Manufacturing Operator I
Milwaukee, WI, USA January 24
Chemical Stripping Operator - 1st shift
Wheatfield, NY, USA January 24
Chemical Stripping Operator - 3rd shift
Wheatfield, NY, USA January 24