Mechanic Helper/Shop Engineer

Location: Danbury, CT Posted Date: October 7, 2017
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Employer Job Id: 2747 CareerMine Job Id: 1383643


  • Responsible for performing repair of machinery and components with efficiency & quality. This individual works under the supervision of an experienced mechanic.
  • Recondition and repair all equipment components and systems as assigned by the Service manager
  • Maintain and care for shop tools, equipment and vehicles
  • Communicate with others professionally
  • Perform diagnostic inspections as directed

Key Responsibilities:

  • Recondition and repair equipment and components
  • Follows instruction by the service manager and Working Forman in performing
  • repairs and other work assigned
  • Order all parts and materials required to perform assigned repairs
  • Effect the repairs required in a safe and effective manner
  • Ensure that all repairs are completed on time & in an efficient manner as assigned
  • Ensure the cosmetic appearance upon completion as required
  • Ensure all parts and materials not used are returned as per guidelines
  • Maintain the work area in a clean and safe condition
  • Maintain good working records for time, parts, supplies and outside purchases in repairs
  • All record-keeping methods are followed as per instructions
  • All cost related items are included in the work order file
  • Ensure all records kept are legible and in compliance with established methods
  • Maintain and care for Company shop tools, equipment and vehicles
  • All specialty tools used on the job are obtained using established methods
  • All tools and special equipment used on repairs are clean before returning to the tool room
  • All specialty tools used on jobs are returned to the original location in working condition
  • Maintains and provides all basic hand and diagnostic tools to perform the work assigned as set by the service manager
  • Communicates with others professionally
  • All communications with customers is conducted in a manner reflecting respect, honesty and promoting a positive company image
  • All communications with co-workers is conducted following the "golden rule"
  • Perform diagnostic inspections as directed
  • All inspections required to determine cause of failure is done following established guidelines
  • All inspections are completed with cause of failure identified
  • All failures identified are matched to solutions necessary to affect a repair


  • Candidate must notify Employer immediately if they are unable to meet these physical requirements:
  • Must have the ability to continuously stand and walk
  • Must have ability to frequently bend, squat, climb stairs and lift.
  • Must have the ability to lift, pull and/or push up to 50 pounds w/o assistance.
  • A technical school certificate or equivalent experience in mechanical repairs
  • General skill requisites
  • Strong mechanical skills
  • Good communications skills
  • Good, safe work habits
  • Specific skill requisites
  • A good working knowledge of equipment operations and mechanical functions
  • Strong diagnostic skills
  • In the service department, the skills and dedication of the technical staff is of paramount importance. These individuals, by nature of their work, are expected to provide high quality, efficient repairs within acceptable time standards.
  • Quality of work will be measured by the rate of redo/rework……<1.0% of labor
  • Quality of work will be measured by the labor efficiency……>90% of applied time
  • Time measures will be judged against job standards…………>90% of work completed within guidelines
  • Follows all instructions by the Service manager and working foreman

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