Regional Customer Service Engineer

Location: Boise, ID Posted Date: October 7, 2017
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Employer Job Id: 2757 CareerMine Job Id: 1383620


  • Entry Level, Works under guidance of a more experienced professional. Learning prescribed methods to perform specific and limited portions of TS engineer roles and responsibilities so that US issues are resolved promptly and to GPU's customers satisfaction. Conducts limited training, logistics and knowledge management activities to support GPU’s CS strategy of Joint Support. Perform backup activities as required.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Escalate issues as they arise.
  • Communicate to supervisor actions
  • Update action plans as instructed
  • Obtain data for root cause analysis for all early failures and prepare QC Reports to Oyama TS and QC department
  • Ability to work overtime as necessary to meet customer expectation
  • Must follow all safety regulations and maintain a safe accident free workplace.
  • Assist in the review of documents for compliance with work procedures, OHSA standards.
  • Logistics support
  • Service News tracking and planning
  • Part identification
  • Tooling Calibration / maintenance process owner
  • Training interface with Customers
  • Schedule training delivery
  • Maintain training schedule
  • Maintain GPU training course curriculum
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Revise to meet customers changing requirements
  • Joint Support training assistance
  • Feedback to NPI/ASML on JS performance
  • Internal OJT tracking and performance improvement

Communication Skills:

  • Answers standard questions and knows when to direct others for further advice
  • Gives and receives technical information
  • Effectively communicates through written correspondence
  • Technical Communications
  • Assist Primary window of information exchange with Oyama
  • Action item list implementation
  • Assist Reporting LASER subset performance
  • Technical information clearinghouse in US
  • Shared documentation library
  • Technical resource for field and HQ staff
  • Timely exchange of communication with GPI
  • Escalations
  • scheduled meetings
  • request for information
  • Clarity on procedures, documentation


  • Degreed in discipline or equivalent level of knowledge, Associates degree related to LASER technology.
  • Zero to three years of progressive learning and demonstration of skills related engineering and work experience showing ability to communicate, analyze, troubleshoot and going above and beyond to perform work assigned.
  • Work on skills and progress toward “Regular” Level rating on Laser skills and Techniques established by GPI.
  • Possesses an ability to learn and develop technical skills related to basic engineering techniques, procedures, tools, etc
  • Show the ability to learn to troubleshoot, analyze and adapt to changing situations while working on lasers or office environment
  • Desire and ability to represent Gigaphoton in a positive and professional manner. Introduction to Core Behaviors vital to Gigaphoton success and culture.
  • Proactive – Learning to identify and resolve problems before they become problems
  • Responsiveness – Learning how to take swift action in response to requests or recognition of problem.
  • Discipline – learning to adhere to training, principles, obligations, deadlines, commitments, follow instructions and process as written.
  • Continuous Improvement - Learning and improving our abilities, skills and techniques.
  • Flawless Execution – Learning to prepare for job and completion without incident.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Very strong skills in customer service.
  • Learning to be able to perform Indirect work at an expert level
  • Excel, Word, Power point
  • Digital imaging
  • Egworks
  • ReDeem
  • Learning how to develop and write action plans, schedule service, explain key metrics
  • Ability to monitor and maintain subset of lasers at customer site
  • Gathers data
  • Generates basic reports, charts and graphs

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