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Location: Texas-Milsap Posted Date: November 10, 2017
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Summary Description of Position                                                    

As a Sales Representative for [Company] this position is responsible for building and servicing a customer base through sales, service, analyzing and bidding projects, and collection of receivables to maximize profits on the production and sales of hot mix asphalt materials. The sales component of the position is performed by calling on customers and potential customers at their locations or job sites on a regular basis. In addition the job requires bidding and estimating the materials for various types of hot mix asphalt projects. Resolves customer issues relating to materials or trucking to insure customer satisfaction and deliver high quality products. Projects sales and analyzes trends to assist in establishing operating budgets. 

Essential Functions

-Expands customer sales to a broader base of customers. Maintains and develops solid relationships with prospective and existing Vulcan clients;

-Gathers information to keep the sales force well informed of market conditions;

-Enters data on regular basis pertaining to calls, quotes, etc., as well as preparing regular reports as required by department;

-Communicates with operations to ensure availability of products;

-Develops sales and market projections, and monitors selling and pricing structure of materials on a daily basis to ensure maximum profits;

-Manages accounts receivable to maximize the collection processes for asphalt and aggregate sales;

-May coordinate equipment usage and plant schedules with operations personnel;

-Services jobs on site to ensure efficient delivery of materials;

-May participate in budget preparation, month-end reporting and daily review of billing process;

-Actively participates in legislative efforts and in the area’s community outreach and educational programs. Activities may include industry trade associations, or local chamber of commerce.

-Other duties may be assigned as required.


Education, Experience, Skills Required


-Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience is required. A B.S degree in marketing or business-related field is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

-Negotiating, analytical and organizational skills are essential.

-Must be an effective communicator and have the ability to deal with a diverse group of people both externally and internally.

-Must possess knowledge of business and organization practices.

-Knowledge and understanding of sales and marketing theory and practices.

-Knowledge of basic financial practices and economics of the business.

-Must possess persuasive selling skills.

-Be results-oriented.

-Have the ability to make and stand behind decisions.

-Demonstrate excellent interpersonal relationship skills.

-Be able to relate to all levels of people.

-Be able to multi- task in an environment that has and will continue to have increased pressure.

-Must have the ability to use computerized equipment and technology.

-Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Google, Oracle Business Environment and other software packages relevant to the position.

Other Requirements

-A valid driver’s license is required.

-Must have the ability to travel locally on a regular basis and periodic overnight travel as required.

-This position requires knowledge and awareness of construction, mining and asphalt plant site hazards.

-Will be required to wear protective gear when working near or on construction sites, including gear to protect against exposure to chemical solvents and fumes for asphalt tests.

-Must be able to sit for long periods of time

-Ability to work in a stressful, deadline oriented environment that requires complex, technical information and -decision making.

Behavioral Expectations

-High Integrity: Acts with unyielding integrity and honesty in business transactions, promoting company policies and holding self and other employees accountable, keeping promises and commitments.

-Good Judgment:Knows when to stand tough and when to be flexible. Sees the "big picture" and the ramifications of one’s actions.

-Self-Motivated: Initiates and takes action before being required to do so. Collaborates with others to address issues that arise.

-Business Understanding: Thorough understanding of [Company]’s business purpose. Recognizes business constraints - what is and is not possible at certain times or in certain positions.

-Responsive: Responds promptly and accurately to customer requests for information; coordinates appropriate follow-up.Critical Competencies

-Results Oriented:Sets challenging goals (individual and organizational) and tracks performance, and ensures that all projects/tasks are completed on schedule and within budget.

-Conflict Resolution: Actively confronts barriers to communication and effectiveness in a firm, but approachable manner.

-Interpersonal Interaction: Quickly establishes rapport with internal and external customers to develop trust that their concerns are heard and responded to promptly. ‘

-Negotiating Skill: Has the ability to manage the information given to customers/government with diplomacy and political acumen. Persuades others to accept a point of view by appealing to their logic or feelings.

-Product Knowledge: Understands and can explain succinctly [Company]’s products and/or services including their composition, features, benefits and limitations.

-Salesmanship: Maintains key contacts during and after sales to ensure satisfaction, sense new sales opportunities, and maintain market intelligence.

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