Richard Mathews, CEO today announced that Runge along with its wholly owned subsidiaries Pincock Allen & Holt and Minarco-MineConsult are relaunching globally with the new name RungePincockMinarco.

Mr Mathews said, “This name change sees Runge, the leader in mining software technology solutions; Pincock Allen & Holt, the leader in mining advisory in the Americas; and Minarco-MineConsult, Asia-Pacific’s leading independent advisor in capital markets all uniting under a single global brand.”

“We have grown quickly over the past 7 years primarily through acquisition. This growth has increased our global reach and I see this new brand as taking the best of the past and giving us a fresh forward looking approach."

“Our people also see this change as real source of pride. We form the largest independent group of mining technical experts in the world, and will now present ourselves to our clients as such.”

Mr Mathews was enthusiastic to explain what this meant for the Group's current clients as well as the global mining community.

“We expect that the industry will see a progressive company with global advisory and technical capabilities. I’m sure many of our clients will be surprised at the breadth and depth of the services and solutions our global network of industry experts can provide.

“RungePincockMinarco will be a globally unified organisation, providing life of asset solutions in advisory consulting, software technology and professional development, aiming to better our clients’ outcomes and deliver better value from their assets, across all commodities and mining methods.”

The name change is being progressively rolled out through the organisation’s global offices, located in Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Brazil and Chile.