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Mining Mineralogy Consultants in the World

Find mining consultants and mining specialists covering all aspects of the mining industry around the world.

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Matching Consultant Listings

Total companies found: 223

All Consultants

AAA Minerals International
Actlabs Group of Companies
AkzoNobel Ltda – Divisão Química
Alex G. Doll Consulting Ltd.
Amalgamated Engineering and Design
Amec Foster Wheeler
Anda Metais
Andes Analytical Assay Ltda.
Applied Speciation and Consulting, LLC
Aruntani SAC
ATC Williams, tailings specialists international experience
Atlantic Engineering Ltd.
Ausenco do Brasil Engenharia Ltda
Australian Tailings Consultants
B&E International (PTY) Ltd
Bateman Engineering N.V.
BBA Engineering
BEC Engineering Pty
Beijing Yajabey International Co., Ltd.
Biohydro.cl - Heap Leach Process Engineering
Blue Coast Metallurgy Ltd.
Blue Coast Research Ltd.
Boliden AB
Bronx Mining & Investments (Pty) Ltd
Bureau Veritas Minerals
Cabri Consulting Inc.
Calderys Ltd
Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)
Cannon Microprobe
CEMI – Tecnologia de Processos e Engenharia
CF Mineral Research Ltd.
Chemtech Serviços de Engenharia e Software Ltda
CMD Consulting Pty Ltd.
Coanda Research & Development Corporation
Coffey Mining
Compass Green
Crifi Crushing Plant
Cromes Metallurgical Consulting, a PLLC
CyPlus GmbH
D & M Oilsands Consulting Inc.
DCM Science Laboratory Inc.
Diazem Corporation
Discovery Consultants
Dr. Chris Blake Mineralogy Consulting
DryVac Services
Duarte & Bastos Ltda
EcoMetrix Incorporated
EHA Engineering Limited
Electro Control Industrial de Sonora
Enal Engenheiros Associados Ltda.
Engineered Process Solutions
Environmental Engineering Corp.
ERM Rescan
Extena AB
Fibreglass Solutions Inc.
Filcon Filters
Fluortech Ltd
Foskor (Pty) Limited
G & T Metallurgical Services Ltd.
GeMin Exhibition-Oryktologika Nea-News on Minerals
GENTERRA Consultants, Inc.
Geomapping Associates Ltd.
Geomet S.A.
Geo-Processors USA, Inc.
GeoTarget Solutions Inc.
GFR Group
GIW Industries, Inc.
Glencore Technology
Graben Petrographics
Greenbank Energy Solutions Inc.
Haag Engineering
Hazen Research, Inc.
Hebei New Chaoyang Chemical Stock Co., Ltd.
Heberlein Geoconsulting
Henan Yuanhang Industrial Co., Ltd.
HydroGeoSense Inc.
Hydrometal, Inc.
IBZ - Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG
Idwala Industrial Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Industrial Pipe Fittings, LLC
Ineco, Ingenieria, Equipos Y Control Industrial Ltda.
Ingenieria En Sistemas Y Control De Procesos Ltda.
Ingenieros Metalúrgicos y Asesores
Integral Energy Services Ltd.
International Lining Technology
International Project Development Services (IPDS)
Interpump SRL
ioGlobal Pty Limited
Isfahan Copolymer
Jeff Jamieson and Associates
Johnson & Associates
KAPP Engineering Pty Ltd
Kappes, Cassiday & Associates
Kemetco Research Inc.
K'Enyuka Pty (Ltd)
Knight Piesold Ltd.
KROHNE South Africa
Laboratorio Metalurgico Chapi SAC
Lehne & Associates
LMD Consulting Services
LSI Consultants
M.D. Campbell and Associates
Magnezit Group
MC Process (Pty) Ltd
McClelland Laboratories, Inc.
McEwen Geological LLC
McWane and Associates
Meiden, Co.
Metallurgical Consulting Services Ltd.
Metal-Pages Ltd.
Metalurgica Batiste S.A.
Met-Solve Laboratories Inc.
MicroMinerals Ltd
MinAssist Pty Ltd
Mine On-Line Service
Mineral Optics Laboratory
Mineral Processing S.R.L.
Mineral Resource Development (Pty) Ltd.
Mineral Technologies
Mineral Technologies, Inc.
Moepathotse Minerals and Energy
Monmet Ltd.
MOPE - Modelo Operacional Ltda
MQes - Mine and Quarry Engineering Services, Inc.
MQes Uranium Inc.
Nickle's Energy Group
Ningbo Gelin Magnetech Co.,Ltd
Offshore Scrap Iron
O'Kane Consultants Inc.
Onkaparinga Mining & Metallurgy Pty. Ltd.
Orway Mineral Consultants (OMC)
OZMET Metallurgical Consultants
P.I. International
Pace Global Energy Services, LLC
PasteThick Associates
Paterson & Cooke
PEC Engenharia e Consultoria
Pennoni Associates Inc
Petrographic Consultants International, Inc.
Petrolab Ltd.
Petrology Worldwide
Powell Companies
Prizma LLC
Process Engineering Resources, Inc. (PERI)
Process Mineralogical Consulting Ltd.(PMC)
Prochemet Inc.
ProMet Dadi Africa (Pty) Ltd
Proyectos Acusticos Ltda.
Quinn Process Equipment Co.
R.A. Miller
Rare Metals Corporation
Reed Laboratories
Renaud Geological Consulting Ltd.
Representation of Russian Universities: Aerospace Technology S.A.
Rheological Consulting Services Pty. Ltd.
Richard S. Kunter & Associates
RJ Lee Group, Inc.
Rod Johnson and Associates, Inc.
Ross Consulting
Sacre-Davey Engineering
Saint Barbara LLP
Schlumberger Water Services
Sepro Mineral Systems Corp.
SGL Carbon Group (Pty) Ltd
SGS Metcon/KD Engineering
SGS Minerals Services
SimSAGe Pty Ltd.
Slater Coal Marketing 
SLR Consulting Ltd.
Smee & Associates Consulting Ltd.
SNC-Lavalin Inc.
SNF Flomin, Inc.
Soane Mining LLC
Solar Silicon Resources Group
Speciality Metals
Spectrum Petrographics Inc.
SRK Consulting
SS Rubber Correias Transportadoras
StatSoft South America
Stratum Resources Aust-Asia
SUSOP Pty Ltd.
SX Kinetics, Inc.
SX/EW del Perú S.A.C.
Taggart JHDA Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Taging S.A.
Tailpro Consulting
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Pvt. Ltd.
Tecnomin Projetos e Consultoria Ltda
Thermopower Furnaces S.A. (Pty) Ltd
ThreeSummiT LLC
Thusang - Metallurgical Engineering Training and Consulting
Tierra Group International
Trade Metallica Pvt Ltd
Transmin Metallurgical Consultants
Trasmin Metallurgical Consultants
TRM Electronics Ltd
Tufekcioglu Kaucuk & Makina
Válvulas y Conexiones del Pacifico S.A.
Walker & Associates Inc.
WAMAG, spol. s r.o.
X9 Gold Development, Inc.
XPS Consulting & Testwork Services
Xrosswater Ltd.
Xstract Group
Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide
Zhuzhou Lizhou Cemented Carbide Co. Ltd.