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Mining in Canada

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Featured investment opportunities in Canada

Toronto Stock Exchange - GSPTSE
Toronto Venture Exchange - SPCDNX
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Find more information on these and other commodities through CommodityMine. Also see our full website editions for Gold, the Oil Sands and Fort McMurray town.

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Major Mines and Metallurgical Facilities in Canada

Major Producing Mines in Canada

*Base and Precious Metals *Potash *Diamond *Uranium *Coal *Oil Sands *Iron Ore

Canada Geology and Mineral MapsCanada MapsMining in Canada
State Of The Industry Review: Canada
Canada is a major mining country. So in this review, in one place, we, InfoMine, are in an excellent position to compile information and resources about Canadian mining. This review is an overview of what is happening in the Canadian mining industry. The many links lead to more detailed resources so that the viewer can find out more about a specific mine or mining application.

Read the Canadian Industry Review

Lisez la revue de l'industrie canadienne


Canada links from LinksMine - InfoMine's Library of Mining Web Sites
Site Listings
  • GeoGratis (NRCan) - Earth Sciences Sector (ESS) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) free geospatial data
  • British Columbia Coal Map - (MapPlace) Includes coal assessment reports, bulk samples, trench data and borehole data
  • Geography Network Canada - Access to a large collection of GIS data from many of the world's leading data publishers
Provinces & Territories

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