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Containerized Transportable Modular Buildings (Dongas)

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Containerized Transportable Modular Buildings (Dongas)

Portable Buildings

Motive Traction Pty Ltd has partnered with a Leading company specializing in designing, manufacturing and construction of prefabricated housing. Motive Traction can supply a range containerized modules from single container self contained accommodation right through to multi container offices and accommodation blocks. By using traditional container based designs and container lifting points, units can easily be moved with standard container handling equipment.
Units can be locked together to form larger structures both single story and double story such as houses, offices or even two story accommodation blocks.
Commonly known in the industry as "Dongas", modular or transportable buildings used in remote housing accommodation villages, is now an important part of the mining and construction industry.  From a single a self contained unit through to modules (often called complexes) of grouped units, the traditional "Donga" is nowdays more comfortable, some more recent designs could even be termed as luxurious.
Units are of steel construction, fully insulated and come with electrical and plumbing. Units arrive flat packed on site, ready for assembly. Six skilled workers can finish three modular units in a day.
Our range includes Dongas, stockman quarters, mess huts, ablution blocks, site offices and mining accommodation.
If required, custom designed containers can be made to any specifications to suit and purpose.

Some of the projects completed by the manufacturer include:-
  • 2000 person Mine Camp in Papua New Guinea (25,000 square meters) 
  • Olympic Games Housing in China (45,000 square meters) 
  • Saudi Arabia Oil Refinery Housing Project (9,000 square meters) 
  • Algeria Expressway Housing Project (30,581 square meters) 
  • Mining Camp in Zambia (15,000 square meters) 
  • Single Story or Multiple Story Buildings.
The term "Donga" originates from Papua New Guinea, where donga means 'house'

Standard Designs

Single Bedroom & Ensuite Single Bedroom & Ensuite

One Container

Twin Bedrooms Twin Bedrooms

One Container

Twin Bedrooms & Ensuite Twin Bedrooms & Ensuite

One Container

Office Office

One Container

Amenity Block Amenity Block

One Container

Toilet Block Toilet Block

One Container

Flat Flat

Two Containers

Kitchen Kitchen

Two Containers

Amenity Block Amenity Block

Two Containers

Kitchen & Pantry Kitchen & Pantry

Three Containers

Site Office Site Office

Four Containers

Two Bedroom House Two Bedroom House

Eight Containers



Single Container Unit Two Container Joined Two Story Containers Six Containers Joined
Eight Containers Joined Small Container Apartment Block Large Container Apartment Block Container City
Four Container Block Being Assembled Two Story Container Being Assembled Three Containers Being Loaded into Another Container for Delivery Three Containers Being Loaded onto a Truck for Delivery
Container Shower Block Container Toilet Block Container Office Twin Container Office
Container Storage Shed Fully Assembled Containers Relocating Containers New Container Site Accommodation

CategoryType Make & Model Country Unit Price
Concentration Tables Butchart Concentration Tables Australia P.O.R
Butchart Full Size
Concentration Tables Butchart Full Size Australia AUD 12,000.00
Concentration Tables Lab Lab Concentration Tables Australia AUD 6,000.00
Wilfley 6A, Full Size
Concentration Tables Wilfley 6A, Full Size Australia P.O.R
Motive Traction H.P.L.V
Buildings Office Motive Traction H.P.L.V Buildings Australia P.O.R
Wilfley 3/4 Size
Concentration Tables Electric Wilfley 3/4 Size Australia P.O.R
Motive Traction H.P.L.V
Buildings Single Bedroom & Ensuite Motive Traction H.P.L.V Buildings Australia P.O.R
Concentration Tables Wilfley Concentration Tables Australia AUD 14,000.00
Concentration Tables Scott Full Size Australia AUD 10,000.00
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