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Allis Chalmers 60" x 89"

A.M. King Industries, Inc.

Crushing & Conveying 
Gyratory Crushers 
Allis Chalmers 
60" x 89" 
Tucson, Arizona, United States 
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ALLIS CHALMERS 60" x 89" Gyratory Crusher, Maximum feed size is 48in. Required refurbishments have been assessed and price quotes are available upon request. SPECS FROM KEY COMPONENTS: BOTTOM SHELL (BASE) -This is the straight bottom shell design. - Lower arm wear minimal. - Generally good condition - No Bushings - Liners worn out - Mounting holes in good condition. - Appears in serviceable condition. - No dust collar found. LOWER TOP SHELL - Good condition - Bolt holes and flanges in good condition TOP SHELL SECTION - Good usable condition - Flange holes in good condition - Tapers appear good SPIDER - Wear on the spider arms - Serviceable, care should be taken to protect these surfaces when in future use. - Some wear on the spider arms and the housing. - Spider to top shell taper appears to be good. - Spider rim has minimal wear. - Spider and rim liners available. - Spider bushing should be measured to insure it conforms to spec. - Wear on the spider arm and spider bushing outer housing. - Spider is suitable for further use. SPIDER ARM LINERS- ARM GUARDS - CONCAVES -These are used but still have plenty of service life especially if wear bars are welded on for further protection. - Good condition MAINSHAFT - Appears to be in generally good condition. - Inner head nut usable but should be replaced. - Main shaft Sleeve is usable but should be replaced. - Lower journal in good condition. - Main shaft Step (Bronze) is approximately 70\% worn. It is usable as is and could be re-grooved to extend the life. - Dust Seal retainer has normal wear. It is usable, the attachment bolts will require work to remove. - The Dust seal should also be replaced due primarily to age. - The splash curtain is missing. MAINSHAFT LOWER JOURNAL - Good condition. HYDROSET - Eccentric support plate is in place with eccentric wear plate (bronze) - Appears to be in usable condition - Some wear on flanges but usable - The piston has been removed. - The upper and lower Hydroset bushings are in place - Unit has been cleaned and painted. ECCENTRIC - 60 X 89 Eccentric - Appears to be in good condition - Eccentric has been cleaned and painted BOTTOM SHELL BUSHING - Bottom shell bushing is used - Cleaned and useable ECCENTRIC SUPPORT PLATES - There are 2 - Both appear to have had little use. - Unit has been cleaned PINION SHAFT-COUNTERSHAFT ASSEMBLY - Pinion serviceable - Housing in good condition. - Should be disassembled and evaluated to determine condition of internals for future use. - Cleaned and painted


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Albert King Jr. 
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+1 (530) 534-7965 
+1 (530) 534-7965 
2875 Feather River Blvd. Oroville, California, United States 

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