Biomining 2020

June 08, 2020 - June 09, 2020
Falmouth, United Kingdom

National Maritime Museum Cornwall


This, the 9th International Symposium on Biohydrometallurgy (Biomining ‘20), is organised by Minerals Engineering International with Prof Sue Harrison and Dr Chris Bryan.

Following on from MEI’s previous conferences on Bio- & Hydrometallurgy in 2002, ‘05, ‘07, ‘09, ‘10, ‘12, ‘14, 16 and ‘18, Biomining ‘20 will focus on the latest developments in the field of biohydrometallurgy: the development, optimisation and application of integrated biomining process operations for mineral ores, including low grade and complex ores; the microbiology of biomining and the application of biohydrometallurgy to novel resources (such as mine and electronic wastes) and the (bio)remediation of mining-impacted environments.

1. Biomining Process Development: 

  • Development and optimisation of biohydrometallurgy processes, including subprocesses of biohydrometallurgy, reactor systems, hydrodynamics and modeling 
  • Associated Unit operations, Up- and Downstream processing (including waste management) etc.

2. The Microbiology of Biomining: 

  • Microbial ecology and succession, both description and kinetics 
  • Microbial consortia and bioprospecting, 
  • Some fundamental aspects.

3. Biohydrometallurgy Applications: 

  • Biomining (i.e. Bioleaching, Biooxidation) applications - both heap and tank 
  • Novel and potential resources (e.g. electronic and other metallic wastes) 
  • Bioremediation applications (e.g. the treatment, prevention and prediction of AMD, metal recovery from wastes etc.) 
  • Other biotechnologies in mining and metallurgical industries.

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