COAL MONGOLIA 2011 International Conference & Exhibition

February 24, 2011 - February 25, 2011
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Chinggis Khaan hotel, Tokyo Street - 10

The COAL MONGOLIA 2011 International Conference & Exhibition will take place at Chinggis Hotel, in Ulaanbaatar. The coal bonanza in Mongolia is gathering pace as news of mine developments and rail projects are announced on a growing basis yet so much is still unknown about the huge potential of Mongolian coals, the diversity of qualities, size of deposits, accessibility and what is required to bring the coals to market.

By the end of November 2010, the coal sector of Mongolia made very lucrative success first time in its history, the amount of extracted coal reached 20 million tons and 14 million tons have been sold to the foreign market and surpassing its copper export capacity. Due to the coal sector growth, thousands of new jobs are created and development booms are guiding Mongolia to the new path of prosperity.

The final figure for 2015 is forecasted to more than to 40 million tons. Can such dramatic growth be maintained? Waiting for an answer to this question are the buyers in Russia, China and the rest of Asia. China may look the most logical importer for Mongolian coals with distances between the mines and the end-users significantly shorter than they are for Russia’s industrial buyers, but great efforts are being made to open up links to Russian as well as to Chinese eastern sea ports, and on to other Asian countries.


  • To put Mongolian coal on the international market, to expand channels of coal sales internationally, to open up corridors of coal transport,
  • To attract investment onto coal exploration and extraction projects,
  • To develop supply network of the coal sector,
  • To publicize Coal sector policy and planning of Mongolia to the investors,
  • COAL MONGOLIA 2011 International Conference & Exhibition


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