Geochemical Exploration and Mapping

September 04, 2018 - September 06, 2018
Freiberg, Germany

EIT RawMaterials - Regional Center Freiberg

What does it take to successfully tackle the challenge of geochemical exploration – from project planning to evaluation and product development? This toolbox is capable of delivering comprehensive understanding not only of resource-related issues but also of processes and complex environmental information. Such knowledge is needed for a broad array of interests, from state agencies and governmental ministries via consultants to the mining and resource industry, from mine development to remediation.

At the end of this course, you will be able to design plans for geochemical exploration projects and you will be aware of all relevant obstacles that need to be addressed. This awareness allows you to ensure that any third party company will deliver to you what you need and that you can control their products and assess the degree of reliability, based on thorough quality control procedures along the entire process chain.

You will also be able to formulate demands and to pinpoint your needs in order to receive targeted and thus economic results – be it from Third Party companies or from your own companies (or unit) departments (e.g., geochemical analytical laboratories).

Finally, you are able to “read” geochemical result information, be it in form of raw data or displayed final processed data in maps of in tabular form. The obtained background understanding improves your standing in your position and enables you to order services e.g., from consultants and companies such as ALS, ACT Labs etc. to provide your with what you really need and expect.

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