ICARD 9 - International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage

May 20, 2012 - May 26, 2012
Ottawa, Canada

Westin Hotel, 11 Colonel By Drive

ICARD 9 will bring together international experts on environmental aspects of mining and metals from the scientific community, from government agencies, from the mining and metal industries, and from other stakeholders to share knowledge and experience and to discuss industry practices, challenges and research needs.

The scope of the 2012 conference will be expanded to include aspects of resource conservation as well as policy and regulatory issues related to mining and metal production.

The conference will include daily plenary sessions with keynote speakers on high profile issues of general interest. The rest of the program will be divided in two main areas:

  • Mining & Environmental focusing on natural science and technical aspects, including ICARD-sessions on different aspects of ARD management.
  • Mining and Metals in a Sustainable Society with a more societal and policy oriented focus but also including e.g. issues related to resource management and recycling.
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