Mass Balancing and Inference

June 28, 2017 - June 29, 2017
Vancouver, Canada


Mass balancing, or data reconciliation is an essential skill for all metallurgists and mineral processors.  However there is very little guidance available on the mathematical and computational foundations of mass balancing methods. Not only will this course cover the foundational concepts of mass balancing, but will also discuss a modern mathematical approach, which allows unmeasured variables to be inferred. This inference extension of mass balancing is unique to this course and is not available elsewhere.

Participants will have the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge to the boarder understanding of this topic by:

  • Providing an overview of plant optimisation via simulation and quantitative analysis.
  • Learning the fundamental concepts of mass balancing such as least squares minimization.
  • Reviewing advanced concepts of mass balancing via information theory and machine learning.
  • Working with MMMinBal1D software to perform a simple mass balance.
  • Discussing ore properties in depth—particularly:
    • 1D Mass Balance;
    • 2D Mass Balance; and
    • 3D Mass Balance.
  • Gaining knowledge of information methods via information theory.
  • Learning how ore variability can be used to advantage for quantitative analysis.
  • understanding of how the methods are taught in the course are a basis for optimisation.
  • Those participants who are interested in further implementation should target between 5-30% cost reductions in improved mineral processing operation.

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