Mining 101 - A Non-Technical Overview

June 06, 2017 - June 08, 2017

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Mining 101 is an overview and introduction to the mining industry. It is presented in non-technical language and covers topics from the formation of mineral deposits to their extraction and sale.

The course is recommended for professionals who work in and around the mineral industry and who wish to have a better understanding of what the industry is all about. Persons who might benefit from the course would include:

  • Managers, executives, and directors who are new to the mining industry and are on a rapid learning curve about how the mining industry works.
  • Accountants, financial persons who need a deeper knowledge of mining projects and the mining industry.
  • Lawyers, tax professionals, non-mining technical persons who need a general understanding of their company’s business.
  • Administrators, executive assistants, HR personnel, and staff who want to put the projects they work on into an industry context.
  • Environmental specialists, government officials and personnel, NGOs, local communities, and indigenous peoples’ groups.

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