Mining 101 - Live Webcast

February 01, 2011 - February 03, 2011
, Canada

Live Webcast

Course presenter: Dr. Scott Dunbar

This course covers the basic concepts of mining and mineral processing: how mines are found, how they are built, how the ore is processed, how the waste is disposed, how mineral products are marketed, and some ideas about where mining will be in the future.

Parts of the course require some basic numeracy and high school science. However all of the material is taught in a friendly, non-threatening manner and is quite easily understood by someone who likes to watch Nova or the Discovery Channel.

The course is divided into six topics:

  • Ore Deposits – mines are found in special places on Earth
  • Mining Methods – open pit and underground
  • Mineral Processing Methods – how valuable minerals are separated from waste
  • Mine Waste Disposal – how waste rock and tailings are managed
  • Mining and Money – mineral markets, resources and reserves
  • A Future of Mining – What would a mine look like in 2050 or 2100?
  • This webinar is designed for both individual and group participation and would make an excellent company-sponsored in-house training event. If you have a group of ten or more who would like to attend this course from one location, please contact us for special pricing.

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