Responsible Tailings Management 101

September 19, 2017 - September 21, 2017
, Live Webcast

It is not possible to permit, operate or close a mine in the 21st century unless it exhibits ability and commitment to practice responsible tailings management. This live webcast will review the concepts of what responsible tailings management is as it pertains to the life cycle of a mine, i.e. planning, design, operation, and closure. By use of examples from around the world, the course will emphasize current trends in best practices in tailings management embraced by leaders in the industry. The webcast includes a review of the current trend in dewatered tailings options (paste, filtered etc.), where/when they are viable options, and the pitfalls to avoid in their adoption.  It will also include examples for preferred “environmentally friendly” solutions that also meet the technical and economical requirements for viable mining. Solutions that can be adopted and their mutual benefits to both the mining operations and the environment will be noted using case histories to illustrate key points.   Finally, risk management and closure planning will be described in terms of how a pragmatic approach to both is entirely consistent with responsible tailings management.

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