July 08, 2019 - July 10, 2019
Lima, Peru

Sol de Oro Hotel

II International Workshop: “Sampling Theory, Sampling Practices, their Economic Impact and use of Specialized Software”

Instructor: Dr. Francis Pitard 

Lima, July 8-10, 2019

Venue:  Sol de Oro Hotel, Calle San Martín 305, Miraflores




What you will learn

  • The nine kinds of sampling errors, how they take place, and how to minimize them; most people can list only two!
  • Sampling correctness, so you can reject sampling systems that will never perform a satisfactory job.
  • Become familiar with necessary tests to be performed at mines and plants to optimize all your sampling protocols.
  • To select appropriate Data Quality Objectives for operating parameters, which are worth continuous monitoring, to minimize your operating cost.
  • To better appreciate the value of existing chronological data that allows you to better control any process. This data is valuable for management in identifying structural problems that lead to unnecessary financial losses.
  • Variography is the key to identify the various sources of variability affecting routine chronological data. You will discover the power of Chronostatistics.
  • Using existing data, variability from sampling and measurement must be clearly separated from process trends and cycles. Unless this is well done, continuous process improvement will remain elusive.
  • The careful use of the Moving Average and especially its auxiliary functions can greatly help you to minimize the effect of poor sampling and measurement precision.
  • Relative Difference Plots can clearly show the presence of conditional biases from sampling and from laboratories.
  • Realize the weakness of today’s standards on sampling: They are obsolete and not in line with the Sampling Theory.
  • Get updated on sampling developments exposed during eight World Conferences on Sampling and Blending.
  • Use of Software with real cases applications.


Software Workshop with 04 Packages:

OSP: Optimization of sampling protocols. Calculation of the Fundamental Sampling Error, and construction of sampling nomographs.

EMPV: Effective Management of process Variability. Calculation of variogram using existing chronological data (a gold mine of information impossible to obtain in any other way. Calculation of uncertainty around daily generated data for Feed, Final Tail and Concentrate. Impact on how many days it takes to obtain a reliable material balance, which is a critically important piece of information for metallurgists.

OGC: Ore Grade Control. From existing QA-QC data, calculation of the amount of misclassification between ore and waste for a preselected cutoff grade, which is a critically important piece of information concerning reconciliation problems.

AA: Agreement Analysis. Tracking and quantifying sampling and analytical bias, using scatter plots, Moving average plots, Cumulative sum plots, and Pierre Gy’s version of the bias t-test.



Superintendents, Managers, technical professionals from main mining operations & projects. Word Class Experts, Top suppliers, decision makers people, Geologists, Miners, Metallurgists, Chemical Engineers.


Its inscription includes:

  • Original Software with full one-year license.
  • 24 hours of lectures and hand-on practice with Dr. Francis Pitard.
  • Physical material (Backpack and notes pad).
  • Digital Material (USB Memory Stick with presentations).
  • 3 lunches.
  • 6 coffee breaks.
  • Certificate granted by International Metallurgical Consultants, with Dr. Francis Pitard signature.

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