Uptime - Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management - Live Webcast

February 16, 2011 - February 18, 2011
, Canada

Live Webcast

The presenter of this course is James V. Reyes - Picknell

Summary -- This webcast will help you:

  • Deliver more uptime - availability of physical assets for your business
  • Reduce maintenance costs through successful practices
  • Reduce the risks to safety, environmental compliance and business performance due to equipment failures
  • Shift from reactive to proactive approaches in managing
  • Identify what you can do today to get the changes started
  • Objectives:

  • Show how conventional management thinking and approaches are often destructive – ruining efforts to operate equipment and systems reliably and sustainably.
  • Introduce new concepts about equipment and human behavior and how to use them effectively.
  • Show the differences required in managing both older and younger components of your workforce.
  • Get you past "benchmark thinking". We will introduce successful practices from a variety of industries and show what makes those practices successful.
  • Demonstrate how spending a little a can save a lot. We'll show how to optimize maintenance practices to get the optimal performance from your assets
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