WISSYM - Remediation of Uranium Mining and Processing Sites - Sustainability and Long Term Aspects

May 25, 2011 - May 27, 2011
Ronneburg, Germany

Bogenbinderhalle Ronneburg, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße

With the environmental restoration project conducted by the national WISMUT GmbH being implemented for 20 years now, remediation of the legacies of uranium mining in Saxony and Thuringia is, for the most part, drawing to a successful conclusion. Remedial results achieved so far receive favourable recognition and appreciation at the national and international levels. The specifics, complexity and the sheer size of the WISMUT project are unique features which make the operations emerge as an important international reference project for state-of-the-art technologies for the remediation of radioactive historic wastes. Conducting remediation work in an intelligent and sustainable way also implies to address economic and social aspects as well as consider ecological decision criteria. Experience gained and acquired technical know how are also applied in conjunction with international missions. Based on a condensed summary and scientific reflection of the remedial performances, the purpose of the symposium is to discuss and appreciate the importance of sustainability and long-term aspects of the remediation of uranium mining and processing sites. The symposium will also have to address the issues of potentialities and constraints with regard to the reuse of formerly radioactively contaminated mining areas.

The selected venues of Ronneburg and Gera as well as the proposed excursions provide excellent opportunities for seeing with your own eyes the evidence of remediation achievements and their impacts on regional development and revitalisation of the former mining sites.

Conference topics:

  • Mile stones of the Wismut Environmental Rehabilitation Programme and extent to which the remediation goals have been met,
  • Site analysis and operational background,
  • Innovative remedial technologies,
  • Long term tasks and follow-up care of reclaimed mine areas,
  • Water management and water treatment,
  • Monitoring and data management,
  • Area management and reuse of reclaimed mine land,
  • Ecology and nature preservation,
  • International transfer of know how,
  • Selected international case studies,
  • Socio-economic aspects,
  • Importance for training and education of junior professionals.
  • Who should attend:

  • Mining and rehabilitation companies from Germany and abroad,
  • Federal and regional regulatory bodies and agencies,
  • District and municipal officials and stakeholders,
  • Universities and scientific organisations,
  • Engineering and consultancy firms.
  • WISSYM - Remediation of Uranium Mining and Processing Sites - Sustainability and Long Term Aspects

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