Key Facts
Status: Past Producer
Type of Work: Placer
Location: Namibia
                 60 km NNW of Luderitz

Commodities: Diamond
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Latest Information
December 2, 2002
October 7, 2002
Namibian Minerals produced a record 117,050 carats during the third quarter. The company produced 88,636 carats during the first half and has produced 205,700 carats, year-to-date. Most of the company's production for the quarter was derived from features 21 and 22 of mining lease ML103A, situated in the Hottentot Bay grant, Namibia. Other production was recovered from Baker Bay (ML36). Both mining vessels, the MV Kovambo and Ya Toivo, equipped respectively with Namco's NamSSol and Nam2 tractor crawlers, mined in these areas during the quarter. Namibian has also upgraded its probable reserve estimate for ML103A from 74,000 carats to 210,000 carats. Of this reserve, approximately 133,720 carats have been recovered to date. Namibian has also adjusted its probable mining reserve from 404,000 carats (at a grade of 0.33 ct/sq meter ) to 392,000 carats (at a grade of 0.37 ct/sq meter).
August 31, 2002
For the second quarter ended Jun30/02, drill sampling aboard the MV Zacharias continued during the quarter. Significant recoveries were noted in the Hottentot Bay Grant (Mining Lease 103A) Feature 22 and sampling was to continue in this area.

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