Data as of Jul 25, 2014 09:59PM UTC
Data as of Jul 25, 2014 09:59PM UTC

Key Facts
Status: Raw Prospect
Type of Work: Surface
Location: California, United States
                 37 km NE of Baker

Commodities: Silver, Gold
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Latest Information
September 30, 2000
No further exploration was intended for the property, partly due to the unfavourable exploration environment.
February 29, 2000
The Superquartz mineralized zone returned 2.0 g/t Au across 24 ft in trench 1; 1.8 g/t Au across 18 ft in trench 2; 4.9 g/t Au and 2.65 oz/t Ag across 15 ft in trench 3, including one 3-ft sample interval containing 4 oz/t Ag and 12.1 g/t Au; and trench 4 with 2.5 g/g Au and 1.09 oz/t Ag across 15 ft. The 48 Zone epithermal mineralization reported numerous 3-ft sample intervals ranging from 100 - 586 ppb gold. The Ammo Ridge epithermal system returned a 36-ft section in trench 5, averaging 0.712 g/t Au, including a 9-ft wide interval averaging 1.19 g/t Au and a 3-ft interval averaging 1.89 g/t Au. Silver in trench 5 included a 6-ft interval averaging 4.64 oz/t and a 3-ft interval averaging 6.63 oz/t.
November 30, 1999
An exploration program at the Papa Hill epithermal silver-gold prospect at Owl Canyon was underway. To date, the company's geological team has trenched, blasted, mucked out and sampled 11 separate trenches within the intensely silicified zones found at Papa Hill.

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