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Key Facts
Status: Raw Prospect
Type of Work: Surface
Location: Uruguay
                 250 km NE of Montevideo

Commodities: Silver, Lead, Zinc
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Latest Information
August 31, 2006
Airborne geophysical results are in the process of being evaluated.
May 31, 1999
A small program of short percussion holes was completed. Seven 2.5 inch down-hole-hammer holes, for a total of 70 m, confirmed the presence of significant zinc, silver, and lead values. The best intersection returned 7.7 m of 27.59% Zn, 3.41% Pb, and 8.26 oz Ag. In late 1998, a sampling program was carried out. Detailed mapping of a pyritic gossan horizon broadly anomalous in zinc, silver and lead, was traced in discontinuous outcrop over a strike distance of 14 km. Sampling carried in 1998 identified a zone of surface-outcropping high-grade silver/zinc/lead mineralization. Eight samples taken from the outcrop (which measures approximately 50 metres by 20 metres) averaged 8.60% zinc (highest value 18.38% Zn; lowest value 1.06% Zn) and 11.8 ounces silver (highest value 19.8 oz; lowest value 3.54 oz Ag). This area was discovered by St Joe Minerals during a regional base metals exploration program in the early 1980s. Limited information concerning this program is available, but it is understood that this previous work consisted of geochemical sampling, local mapping and a number of short drill holes.
May 11, 1999
Uruguay Goldfields has announced the discovery of high grade, carbonate-hosted zinc and silver mineralization at Retamosa, 250 kilometers northeast of Montevideo, in Uruguay. Surface samples obtained in late 1998 graded up to 18.38% zinc and 679 g/t silver. A recent program of seven short percussion holes totalling 70 meters confirmed the presence of this brecciated carbonate-hosted mineralization, returning 27.59% zinc and 283 g/t silver over 7.7 meters.

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