ACZ Laboratories, Inc.

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Acid Base Accounting (ABA), Acid Generation Potential (AGP), Acid Mine Drainage, Acid Neutralization Potential (ANP) Heat and No-Heat modified, Arsenic Speciation via HPLC-ICP-MS, ASTM E1915 Residual Sulfur & Carbon Content via Pyrolysis (%), Bio-Accumulation studies, Biota Tissue Analysis, BTEX / MTBE via EPA 8021B and 8260, California Waste Extraction Test, Carbon Analysis, Chromium Speciation via SM 3500, Column Leach Studies, Cyanide Analysis, Dissolved Gases RSK 175 C1-C6, Exchangeable Metals Leaching Extractions, Gamma Scan, Geochemsitry, Gross Alpha Beta, Hot Water Extractable Sulfur, Humidity Weathering Cells, In Vitro Bioaccessibility of Metals, Isotopic Thorium & Uranium, Lead 210, Level III Bio-safety hood for small mammals, Mercury in solids via EPA 7473, Mercury via CVAA EPA 245.1 & 7470a, Modified Sobek, Net Acid Generation (NAG), Nevada Meteoric Water Mobility Procedure, Organic Chemistry, Overburden Analysis, PAH's via EPA 8270, Plant Available Metals, Polonium, Radiochemistry, Radium 226-228, Saturated Paste Extractions, Selenium Speciation via SM 3114, Selenium via ICP-MS & Hydride Generation (HGAA), Semi-VOA, Sequential Extraction for Metal Fractioning, Soluble Metals Leaching Extractions, State of Nevada Modified Sobek Procedure, Sulfur Speciation, Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure, Texture via Hydrometer, THP (Extractable DRO), Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure, Wet Chemistry

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