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ALCO-Safe (Pty) Ltd

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Company Introduction

ALCO-Safe (Pty) Ltd is the foremost supplier of quality electronic Breath Alcohol Detectors and accessories in South Africa with 43 years of industry experience. In addition ALCO-Safe supplies drug detecting equipment to major industry.

Only professional grade instrumentation is distributed, ALCO-Safe (Pty) Ltd represents LION – CMI world leaders in Alcohol Detection Technology as well as Concateno whose business is directed at various aspects of drug and other forensic testing.

We have sourced the finest products for you, ensuring 100% accuracy, protecting your organization and workforce.


Alcohol Testing Equipment

LION Laboratories pioneered the fuel cell breathalyser, making it possible for police and companies to test persons accurately and fairly in the shortest amount of time. Lion Laboratories won the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement for the product in 1980, and it began to be marketed worldwide. LION continues to be a world leading manufacturer of breath alcohol testing equipment.

ALCO-Safe is the sole distributor of LION breathalysers in South Africa.

Drug Testing Equipment

ALCO-Safe are the South African distributors for the organization Concateno UK Limited, a grouping of several companies, this is Europe's largest and most experienced provider of drug testing products and services. Concateno is the manufacturer of the DDS2 saliva drug testing instrument. The most user friendly digital drug tester available.


  • Sales of LION Breathalysers
  • Sales of Concateno drug testing equipment
  • Operator competency training for breathalysers and drug testing equipment
  • Substance abuse Awareness presentations
  • Assistance in developing substance abuse policies and control programmes
  • Full repair capability
  • Information backup

Contact Details

T: +27 +12 343 8114
C: +27 +82 925 0393
F: +27 +12 343 5774
E: alcosafe@icon.co.za
W: www.alcosafe.co.za
825 Park Street; Sunnyside; Pretoria; South Africa 0002

Address:825 Park Street,
Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa, 0028
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Phone:+27 12 343 8114
Fax:+27 12 343 5774

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