ALSAFA Environmental & Technical Services LLC

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Air Quality Monitoring, Archaeological and Cultural Surveys, Cleanup of Contaminated Land, Community Safety Plan (CSP), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Dust Surveys, Ecological Surveys, Environment Improvement Plans (EIP), Environmental Audit, Environmental Consulting Services, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Environmental Impact Study, Environmental Management Plans, Groundwater Pollution Modelling, Groundwater Testing, Influx Management Plan (IMP), Integrated Management System, ISO 14001 Lead Auditors, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certification, Marine Surveys, Need Assessment, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, Public Consultation and Disclosure Plan (PCDP), Public Consultation Meetings, Radiation Surveys, Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), Safety Audits, Screening and Scoping Reports, Site Assessment, Social Action Plan (SAP), Social Impact Assessment, Soil Cleanup, Soil Surveys, Stakeholder Consultation, Stakeholder Mapping, Stakeholder Surveys, Training Services, Vibration Surveys from Blasting, Waste Management

Categories of Goods and Services Provided