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ATC Williams specialises in the mining and resource sectors. We provide strategic consulting engineering services and technical advice on tailings management and water management to mines around the world.

Pragmatism is our preferred approach, blended with fresh, innovative thinking and a strong emphasis on quality. Fundamental to this is an understanding of our client's business, not just their project, so we can deliver solutions that are sustainable in the bigger picture. We focus on the industries we know best, where our knowledge and experience can add the most value.

ATC Williams pioneered the introduction of the Central Thickened Discharge (CTD) system in Australia and is an acknowledged world leader in the method. As we continue to stretch the boundaries of our professional knowledge, ATC Williams remains focused on delivering the right solutions for our clients.

With over 500 tailings management projects in locations around the world. Our experience covers a wide range of material types, including copper, gold, iron ore, coal, bauxite, lead/zinc, mineral sands, nickel (laterite), uranium, washed sand and dredge residues.

We aim to minimise the collective project cost, risk, and environmental impact, regardless of location. At most sites, minimisation of water consumption is also a significant concern.

Our wide range of services for Tailings includes:

  • options and feasibility studies
  • geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations
  • tailings testing and evaluation
  • rheology testing and evaluation
  • thickening and pumping of tailings
  • Filtration of tailings
  • Transport of unthickened, thickened and filtered tailings
  • water management
  • design and documentation
  • regulatory approvals
  • construction management and testing
  • operational support
  • surveillance and performance appraisals
  • capping and closure
  • independent design audits and reviews.

In line with ATCW's on_going drive to provide world leading services for the mining industry, we have formed a Rheology & Slurry Engineering Group.

Based at our Head Office in Melbourne, our Rheology and Slurry Engineering Group will focus on:

  • specialist laboratory testing for characterisation of slurries
  • design or trouble shooting of slurry transport systems
  • troubleshooting of slurry pumping systems
  • optimisation of slurry systems for greater solids throughput
  • open channel and free surface slurry flow analysis
  • delivery of tools to design, optimise and operate waste disposal systems at higher concentrations, to enable industry to realise savings in costs, water and energy
  • State of the art methodologies and design.

A NATA accredited testing laboratory in Melbourne, which is equipped to carry out the full range of basic soils classification and testing procedures, as well as a number of specialised evaluation procedures such as

  • slurry rheology
  • settled density (drained and undrained)
  • shrinkage limit density (beach drying)
  • segregation behaviour
  • permeability
  • consolidation by large diameter Rowe Cell.

ATC Williams—Water operates within ATC Williams specialising in water supply and water resource projects. Services are provided to the mining and extractive industries (often associated with our related work in the management of tailings and water supply/water disposal), as well as local government.

Our services include:

  • mine site water management
  • site water balance modelling
  • hydrological analysis
  • hydraulic civil structures
  • pump and pipeline systems
  • water retaining embankments
  • seepage analysis and modelling
  • grouting and cutoffs
  • water quality modelling
  • groundwater investigation and modelling
  • environmental impacts

assessment of water projects, often entailing a multi(layered program of investigation. A holistic approach is adopted across our projects to help our clients achieve the optimal outcome. Combining our experience and capability in hydraulic engineering and modelling, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, geotechnical engineering and biological systems, we can address many challenging projects.

For nearly three decades, we have built a solid reputation in geotechnical civil and building works, groundwater, hydrology and environmental engineering in Australia and internationally.

Our range of services includes:

  • geotechnical site investigation
  • temporary works design
  • earthworks specification and management
  • foundation design
  • retention design
  • dam design
  • dewatering and ASS management
  • soil and rock slope stability assessment including open pit
  • geological hazard mapping
  • cliff stability assessment
  • waste dump design
  • landfill development

The ATC Williams—Geotechnical team is dedicated to providing accurate and realistic recommendations to enable our clients to progress with design and construction in a cost effective, safe and timely manner.

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