ATS, Inc.

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404 Permit, Access Roadway and Operational Pad Design, CERCLA RI/ FS, Characterization of Post-Neutralization Effluents, Characterization of Spent Heap Leach, Characterization of Waste Rock Tailings, Chemistry of Leachates Produced in Waste Rock Piles, Compliance Inspections, Construction and Operational Compliance Review and Audits, Construction Review and Compliance Audits, Contaminant Mobility and Attenuation Studies, Earthen Impoundment Structures, Erosion and Sedimentation Control, Facility Layout and Design, Feasibility Studies, Geotechnical for Mining Infrastructures, Grading and Drainage Design and Plans, Groundwater Management, Hazard Analysis, Heap Leach Planning and Design, Human Exposures Risk Assessment, Hydrologic / Floodplain Studies, Hydrology / Hydraulics, Landfills and Solid Waste Management Units, Managed Risk, Mine Closure, Mine Water Management and Treatment, Mining Risk Evaluation, Mining Site Evaluation, Multidisciplinary Engineering Firm, Neutralization fo Mine Wastes, NPDES Permit Application Preparation, Permitting and Preparation Reclamation Plans, Pre-Development Due Diligence, Reclamation Planning, Remedial Action, Remocal Action, Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Safe Engineering Designs, Site Planning and Development, Solution Pond Engineering, Storm Water Management Plans, Tailing and Mine Waste Engineering, Utility Design and Layout, Water Quality Impact Prediction

Categories of Goods and Services Provided