Abitibi Geophysics

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2D & 3D Modeling and Inversion, 2D inversion, 2D/3D inversion, 3D borehole IP, 3D inversion, Abitibi Geophysics, Abitibi Geophysique, BHEM, BHIP, Borehole EM, Borehole gravity, Borehole IP, CG-5 gravimeter, Data Processing QC and Plotting, Deep EM, DGPS & GPS-positioned Surveys, Diamonds Base Metals and Gold, Electromagnetic surveys (EM), Frequency-domain electromagnetics, Gamma-ray radiometric, Geophysical data processing, Geophysical interpretation, Geophysical Project Design, Geophysical Project Design and Management, Geophysical Project Management, Geophysical Services, Gravilog, Gravity Geophysical Services, Gravity surveys, Ground Mag, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), H2H-3D-IP, H2H-IP, HLEM, Hole to hole IP, Hole-to-hole IP, Horizontal loop electromagnetics, Induced polarization (IP), InfiniTEM®, Integrated Interpretation and Exploration Recommandations, Inversion, IP Spectral Analysis (dual-model Cole-Cole inversion), Large loop TEM, Magnetic, Magnetic Geophysical Services, Microgravity, Mise-a-la-masse, Modeling, Moving loop TEM, Pulse EM, Resistivity / Induced Polarisation : Borehole IP, Resistivity / Induced Polarisation : Mise-à-la-masse, Resistivity / Induced Polarisation : Profiling (DD PD PP Gradient), Resistivity / Induced Polarisation : Sounding (Wenner Schlumberger), Resistivity mapping, Resistivity/induced polarization, Spectrometric, Spectrometry Geophysical Services, TDEM (Geonics) Electromagnetic Geophysical Services, Time domain electromagnetic, Time-domain electromagnetics (TDEM), Transient EM (TEM), Vertical loop electromagnetics, VLEM, VLF, VLF HLEM VLEM Electromagnetic Geophysical Services

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