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Acedrills Rock Tools Co., Ltd.

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Back Hammers, Casing Shoes and Casing Bits, Diamond Drilling Reaming Shells, Double Head Casing Drilling Tools, Down-the-Hole (DTH) Drilling Tools, Drag Bits (Blade Bits), DTH Button Bits, DTH Drill Rods (Tubes or Pipes), DTH Hammers, DTH Hole Openers, Dual-Wall Drill Rods (RC Drill Pipes), Eccentric Overburden Drilling Systems (ODEX), Exploration Diamond Core Drilling Tools, Extension Drill Rods & Drifting Drill Rods, Hammer Breakout Benches, Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bits, Integral Drill Steels, Long Shank Bits, Mining Tricone Rock Bits (Air Roller Bearing), Non-Coring PDC Drill Bits, Overburden & Casing Drilling Tools, Pilot Tricone Bits, Plug-hole Integral Drill Steels, Polycrystalline (TSP & PCD) Bits, Raise Boring Roller Cutters, RC Hammer Bits, RC Hammer Drilling Tools, RC Hammers, Reamer Drilling Tools, Rock Bolts & Anchor Drilling Tools, Rotary Drill Rods (Drill Pipes) & Bit Subs, Rotary Drilling Tools, Shank Adaptors, Small Hole Drilling Tools, Surface Set Diamond Core Drill Bits, Symmetric Casing Drilling Systems, Tapered Drill Bits, Tapered Drill Rods, Threaded Drill Bits, Top-Hammer Drilling Tools, Well Drilling Tricone Bits (Mud Circulation), Wire-line Core Drill Core Barrels & Overshots, Wire-line Diamond Core Drill Rods & Casing Tubes

Categories of Goods and Services Provided