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Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd

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AcmeLabs® is a full service, commercial lab that operates on a global level; focusing entirely upon the minerals testing business. Our services provide the specialized analytical methods needed by exploration and mining companies to find and validate the new ore deposits of the future. Acme services individuals, companies, Universities and Government bodies.

AcmeLabs® offers inorganic chemical analysis of geological materials including the analysis of water, vegetation, soil, sediment and rock for single and multi-element determinations using geochemical, wet-assay and fire-assay test methods. Acme has always been known for innovation and quickly embracing new technology. This, along with a strong commitment to research, assists in Acme’s ability to provide analytical methods tailored to exploration geochemistry and thus ensuring Acme’s continued success.

AcmeLabs® implements a quality system compliant with the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 Model for Quality Assurance and ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. Acme has, for many years, regularly participated in the CANMET and Geostats round robin proficiency tests.  Acme is recognized as a participant in the CALA Proficiency Testing. All laboratories fall under the Quality Management Scope helping to ensure the same practices and procedures are followed throughout the organization. View all of our Quality Control certifications and registrations.


  • Sample Preparation: AcmeDCU®
  • Precious Metals Geochemical Analyses
  • Multi-Element Geochemical Analyses
  • Precious Metal Assays
  • Element-Specific Assays
  • Multi-Element Assays
  • Whole Rock and Rare Earth Analyses
  • Metallurgical Testing: AcmeMet®
  • Carbon & Sulphur Analyses
  • Water Analyses
  • Environmental Analyses
  • Vegetation Analyses
  • Special Exploration Packages

View our Price Brochure for analytical packages made available at any one of our globally located laboratories:

  • AcmeLabs® Canada – Vancouver Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Chile - Santiago Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Turkey - Ankara Branch
  • AcmeLabs® USA - Fairbanks Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Canada - Yellowknife Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Canada - Smithers Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Canada - Whitehorse Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Canada - Dawson City Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Canada - Timmins Branch
  • AcmeLabs® USA - Spartanburg Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Mexico - Guadalajara Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Mexico - Caborca Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Mexico - Chihuahua Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Argentina - Mendoza Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Chile - Copiapo Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Brazil - Goiania-Goias Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Brazil - Itaituba-Para Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Brazil - Cuiaba Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Dominican Republic - Maimon Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Columbia - Sabaneta, Antioquia Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Guyana - East Coast Demerara Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Peru - Lima Branch
  • AcmeLabs® Poland - Krakow Branch
  • LAC & Asociados CIA LT DA. - Ecuador

Following our acquisition by the Bureau Veritas Group early in 2012, we have integrated our operations with Inspectorate, expanding our Lab Network in North America.

  • Inspectorate Mexico – Hermosillo Branch
  • Inspectorate Mexico – Durango Branch
  • Inspectorate U.S.A – Reno Branch

AcmeLabs® is also responsible for the Bureau Veritas Analytical Labs in Africa.

  • Bureau Veritas Ivory Coast – Abidjan Branch
  • Bureau Veritas Namibia – BVML Swakopmund Branch
Bureau Veritas South Africa – Rustenburg Branch
Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd.
Address: Corporate Office
9050 Shaughnessy Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V6P 6E5
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Phone: +1 604-253-3158
Fax: +1 604-253-1716
Toll Free: +1 800-990-2263
Contact: John Gravel Email
Enquiries welcomed Email

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