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Gravity separation with Micron Mill Wave Tables for fine mineral recovery

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In business since 1979, with representatives worldwide, Action Mining offers the Micron Mill Wave Table, developed 33 years ago as a revolutionary concentrating table to recover particles down to 5 micron size by specific gravity. The Wave Table has helped independent miners and and small mining operations to successfully recover micron-sized gold by mechanical means, avoiding the costly setup and environmental issues of chemical plants. We are working diligently to replace the use of mercury amalgamation with our environmentally friendly Wave Tables. With a strong track record, we are now focusing on introducing our tables to the larger mining operations and to recycle and reclamation industries.

Based out of Sandy Oregon, AMS has served the international mining industry offering the Wave Tables for lab testing, final gold room cleanup, and production plants. We also have a variety of assay laboratory supplies and equipment for our clients to choose from.
The Wave Table, now also used in the recycling industry, enables recovery of many materials that will separate by specific gravity, without the use of chemicals.

The M7 is the most popular Wave table due to its versatility. The M7 is rated at approx 2000 lbs /910 kg of classified head ore per hour. The M7 is also widely used for a clean up and/or finishing table. When used for concentrates, the production volume is reduced depending on the material. One example of use with the M7 model is for recovering tungsten carbide crystals and recovery varies between 5-40 micron in the finish room. The M7 Wave table is used in our laboratory for testing all types of ore bodies and has been an extremely efficient method for years.



The M10 Wave table is for production only, processing 3-8 tons of classified head ore per hour on average. The M10 is operated with the midsize M7 Wave tables, which act as secondary and final concentrators.



The M5 Wave table is for testing only, widely used in a laboratory environment. Although many individuals use it out in the field and for cleaning up concentrates, it will process approximately 50 lb/h or 25 kg/h




Our Micro-grinding Impact Mill systems are designed to be fast, efficient, and long lasting. The 11” bench unit can produce dry 150 mesh fineness and wet 80-100 mesh on the first pass! Each mill has 2 outlets for ore removal. These outlets allow you to customize the method of grinding (run wet or dry material), discharging the pulverized material into a 5-gallon bin. When run dry, the mills are designed to crate zero dust leakage for environmental air control in your lab.



Original "Beginner's Fire Assay Kit"
Since 1981, this Beginners Kit has helped many miners with their lab startup. Probably the most important factor of success in prospecting and gold recovery mill operation is the number of assay completed - you can do 6 assays at a time with this Kit. Advanced Assay Kits also available - contact us for details!


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