Active Chemicals Ltd.

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Product/Service List

Acid Based Cleaners, Caustic Cleaners, Citrus Based Cleaners, Fast-Breaking Heavy Duty, Non-Caustic Cleaner Degreaser, Ferrous Metal Recirculating Spray Wash Powder, Heavy Duty Caustic Degreaser and Pitch Remover, Heavy Duty Water-Based Citrus Degreaser, Liquid Concrete Cleaner, Low Foaming Heavy Duty Caustic Cleaner, Medium Duty Non-Caustic Cleaner Degreaser, Medium Duty, Caustic Carbon Remover, Medium Duty, Caustic Cleaner Degreaser, Medium Duty, Non-Caustic Cleaner Degreaser, Multi Metal Powder for Recirculating Spray Washer, Non-Caustic Cleaner, Non-Caustic High Foaming Powdered All Purpose Cleaner, Solvent Based Degreaser

Categories of Goods and Services Provided