Archaeological and Heritage Management Solutions (AHMS)

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Aboriginal Archaeological Assessments, Aboriginal Archaeological Excavations, Aboriginal Archaeological Surveys, Aboriginal Community Consultation or Stakeholder Engagement, Aborinigal Archaeological Permits, Archival Recording, Artefact Analysis, Assessments for Heritage Registers, Asset Management Schedules, Community and Stakeholder Consultation and Expert Witness Experience, Conservation Planning, Conservation Plans, Consulting Services, Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPS), Due Diligence - Written and Verbal, Due Diligence Assessments, Environment Studies, EPBC Act Requirements, Expert Advice, Feasibility Advice - Written and Verbal, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping, Geomorphology, Heritage Assessments and Management Plans for Major Developments and EPBC Act Requirements, Heritage Constraints Identification and Mapping, Heritage Impact Assessments for Large and Small Development Approvals, Heritage Opportunities Identification and Mapping, Heritage Risks Identification and Mapping, Historical Archaeological Assessments, Historical Archaeological Excavations, Historical Archaeological Permits, Historical Archaeological Surveys, Overlays, Planning Instruments, Pre-Purchase Advice - Written and Verbal, Re-Zonings, Research for Heritage Registers, Salvage Excavations, Stone Analysis, Surveys for Heritage Registers

Categories of Goods and Services Provided