Armatec Environmental Ltd

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Product/Service List

Air Pollution Control, Armabond Putty, ArmaGrout, Armaline Range, Axial Fans, Biological Scrubbers, Biological Treatment, Carbon Beds, Ceilcote Range, Clarifier Components, Coatings & Linings, Covers & Hoods, Ducting Systems, Evaporative Coolers, Fan Noise Atten, Fibreglass Fans, Fibreglass Products, Flumes, High Eff CLUB, High Press CH/CHP, In-Line Centrifugal, Induced Air Flotation, Manholes/Sumps, Marine Exhaust, Mist Eliminators, Phos/Algae Removal, Pilot Plants, Pilot Plants, Pipes & Fittings, Pumping Stations, Scrubber Packing, Self Clean CMHP, Strippers, Tanks, Venturi Scrubbers, Void Towers, Wastewater Treat, Wet Cyclones, Wet packed Scrubbers

Categories of Goods and Services Provided